Wayag Island – Raja Ampat



Our trip was a 6-day. We embarked at Jakarta and our way across to Makassar for transit and continued to Sorong, located in the most eastern province of Indonesia – Papua.

Kep. Wayag is the most biodiverse waters on the planet, one of the island in Raja Ampat. Here you can see amazing the atolls and superb crystal white beaches. This area has the richest coral reef in the world, you can see more recorded fish, coral and species than anywhere else on the planet.

Put simply, Raja Ampat diving offers some of the best diving in the world.

Raja Ampat is like heaven for underwater photography with magnificent hard and soft coral, clear water and  reef life.

The Raja Ampats are also great for big fish everywhere such as the Giant Trevally and you can spot many Sharks too, mainly Blacktip and Whitetip reef Sharks but also beautiful Wobbegong the Carpet Shark.

Manta Rays are common too and there are amazing dive sites such as Manta Sandy to spot them! From the boat it's easy to see dolphins passing by 


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