Turquoise Trip in Moyo Island

Last year, my friend and I went on a trip to Moyo. It was a trip of two weeks exploring Lombok, Gili and Sumbawa. We took a flight from Jakarta to Lombok and went straight to Sumbawa. I, at that time, didn’t take a straight flight to Sumbawa. I must have put my head elsewhere.

We took a morning flight so we can short time on this long trip to Sumbawa. We arrived at noon in Lombok and took a DAMRI bus to Sweta. It’s a bus terminal where we supposed to take another bus to drive us to Kayangan seaport but by the time we got there, the bus was already left and we had to wait until night said the man we asked about what time the next bus will go. So, my friends and I decided to take a cab to the bay. It was a an-hour-and-half drive.

I guess fortune wasn’t ours since we missed the ferry boat by the time we arrived by only 2 minutes window. After approximately an hour waiting, we left Kayangan on the next ferry. It took 2 hours to get to Pototano seaport. We bought a ticket for the bus on the ferry . There was this bus which could take us to our next destination: Labuan Badas.

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Diwu Mbai Waterfall

Next Day:

Even though we didn’t get enough sleep last night, we need to wake up early so we get to catch an early sail to Moyo by local fisherman. Moyo island is located almost three hours from the main island. It’s pretty expensive to rent a fisherman boat for a day. We spent Rp 750.000,- shared by 2.

Entering the island, we had to pay some sort of retribution, Rp 20.000 for each person. We also had to rent motorcycles which come with the driver (Rp 80.000,- for two destinations/motorcycle).

Diwu Mbai Waterfall

Moyo island has two waterfalls you can visit. Diwu Mbai is the first. Located 10 minutes far from Labuan Aji village, this sightseeing offers us a unique experience. A rope is hanging tight from the closest tree to the waterfall so people can swing and jump. I am not so much of a height adrenaline lover, so I was just videotaping my friend doing the trick. 

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Mata Jitu Waterfall

Mata Jitu waterfall is located an hour away from Labuan Aji village. The trail is somewhat bumpy because there weren’t proper road. The center of the island is composed mainly of savannah and some strands of forest. To reach this spot, we will have to walk and involve some light trekking as the motorcycles are not allowed here.

The famous waterfall has seven levels. The first three levels are prohibited to swim, said our driver. The locals are preserving its purity he added. It is also adorned by stalagmite-stalactite on the surface walls. The view is breathtakingly stunning. It hypnotises you to throw yourselves and play in one of the waterfall pools. 

By the locals, “Mata Jitu” is defined as springs that fall right on the pond below. 

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There are four villages on this island which are spread in different part of the island. Labuan Aji is the nearest entrance to the island. Make sure you have your itinerary confirmed before making a trip here. The fisherman boat will only take you back the next day, unless you rent it for a full day trip. They will take you anywhere you want. Kanawa island is a good destination if that’s the case.

If not, then you will have to stay in local home stay which costs you Rp 250.000,- available for sharing. Even if you said that you’re going there for the day and expecting to return in the afternoon, they’ll likely say that they’re going to Sumbawa the next day because of the gas, etc, etc. It’s their way so you’d spend money to stay at their home stay or to see if you want to spend more money just to return to Badas seaport. They’ll charge you twice the first time. This scenario is likely to happen. Therefore, make sure you have enough friends to go there with, so you can rent the boat for a full day trip and split it to a convenient price.