Things You Should Prepare When You Go To The Mountain Or Plateau.



It’s the beginning of Summer here in indonesia. For the Last 4 months, was the rain season in Indonesia. yesterday was a beautiful day in surabaya, clear day. A perfect season for a lot of hikes !

So here are some things you should concern about before you leaving for a hike:

Plan it first

The good and smart hiker are the one who always plan every single things previously !!! The location, weather conditions , climbing lane ,The team, about how long you expect to hike that will affect logistic supplies and equipment that must be prepared. So you’d better always remember PLAN IT FIRST ;)

Make sure you are good mentally and physically

Things You Should Prepare When You Go To The Mountain Or Plateau.--Beach-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-gemdra


While in the mother of nature you’ll be experience ups and downs moment for sure !! the bad feeling, exhausted, and tired like totally tired. Mental health is about the way you think and feel and your ability to deal with ups and downs. Be confident with yourself, trust your heart, and love yourself that would give you a good mental conditions.

Your healthy life and good physical are a MUST !! Good physical health is when your body is functioning as it was designed to function. Take exercise, you have to remember that in order to keep your bodies healthy you must take time each day to exercise long before you go hike. Trust me it completely works for me. The Sunday morning run never killed nobody yes ??

Enlist some friends to go hike together, or simply by go solo !

Things You Should Prepare When You Go To The Mountain Or Plateau.--Beach-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-gemdra


I’ve never done before, went hike with only just by my self. but worth to try soon !

The most important thing is always tell your close people about your hike (Family,friends,girlfriend,boyfriend). That person will know where to look for you, or know to contact help if you do not return as expected. Just in case anything goes wrong (for example, you lost or something like that).

Get to Know The Mountain

Things You Should Prepare When You Go To The Mountain Or Plateau.--Beach-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-gemdra


Gather as much information as possible about the mountain to be climbed. It helps you to know the terrain that will be taken later.

To choose the mountain which will you climb here are some things you could consider : natural views and landscape, accessibility, the availability of marked hiking trails, the length of the hike based on your personal experience and ability. Consider the terrain of the area as well. Hills and mountains are beautiful but even a short steep hike can be quite challenging too.

Efficient and do not overpack are a must and get to know your own logistic needs or your group needs

The following is a list of basic equipment that you can prepare:

(In Bahasa Indonesia)

It depends on The mountain, how long you plan to go hike, and the team.

The Right nutrition foods are needed when you go hike. I’m telling you now Do not underestimate the power of good foods with a good nutrition !All the pain you will suffer after a long trekking it would be heal by eating and rest well. It also good for your muscles recovery and give you energy boost !

Note that : If you’re feel hungry go eat then ! if you’re tired take a rest for a while and then continue again.

Additional Apparel and your Mountain Gear

I am usually brought my music player such an iPod or my Phone or something like that. For me i have to entertain my self while doing trekking so i can forget for a while about the pain :”) so i have my own power songs playlist in my iPod.

If you are planning to go hike by the summer season, highly recommend you to bring your own sunglasses and sunblock !! Yes i repeat YOUR OWN SUNGLASSES AND SUNBLOCK. you wouldn’t want to end up like us when we went to Rinjani (Read Here)

For me my camera is everything and i captured a lot of pics because every single pic has memories ! i don’t wanna missed the moments in my life.

Bring your Heart, Open your Mind, and Stay Humble

Every one remember their first hike !! yes i do. No matter the trail, no matter the difficulty, there is always something beautiful to see, there’s is always something to learn, there is always something to be thankful for. No matter what do you believe in life ?, no matter what your religion, there truly is something spiritual about being outdoors. It could be your changing moment for your life. Bring your heart open your mind and stay humble will connect you to God, nature and you will experience some sort of connection with the broader universe.

What are you waiting for ? go pack and go !!

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