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What will across your mind when you heard a word "MANADO" ?? The beautiful of Bunaken's under water ? A mind boggling - Seafoods ? or dare to try The finest Minahasa traditional liquor Cap Tikus ? hahaha. In this story, will telling you about the whole new perspective tourism of Manado (North Sulawesi/Celebes). There are so many things that is unique and very interesting to explore in North Celebes than you just stuck in Bunaken. Read my next story about #PostGraduationTrip…. below

Manado city is a central business in North Sulawesi with the main road of the city is the "boulevard" road located near to the sea where you will find a lot of hotels, shopping centre, and restaurant.

That was just a week we've (Me & Leody) spent in Manado, but that was kind of worth it. Previously on my #PostGraduationTrip Leody flew from Surabaya to Palu so we met in Palu and continued with bus to Manado.

So here it is things for you who have a plan to put Manado on your travel wish-list…

1 . Hot and Spicy Traditional cuisines !

YES YES YES and YES ! definitely. Who can resist delicious foods while traveling ? well I CAN'T ! But you should careful with manado cuisines because the foods are mostly served hot and spicy in Minahasa style and often use pork and dog meat sometimes, However the seafoods still the most common type of favorite cuisines in Manado :D.

That's one is the "must try dish" when you are in Manado, TINUTUAN or BUBUR MANADO. Tinutuan is Manadonese porridge rice mixed with various vegetables like spinach, kangkung, corn, pumpkin and sweet potato or cassava (wikipedia) and dont forget to add some side dishes such as Ikan Fufu, Perkedel Milu, Perkedel Nike and the important part of this food is dabu-dabu bakasang or dabu-dabu roa. 

Another food that stole my heart was this spicy dabu - dabu grilled chicken. This one is actually Padangnese Restaurant called Minang Putra but most of the foods served with Manado style which is more delicious than any other padang foods I've ever tasted in my life.

2 . The Most Tolerant City In Indonesia. 

I saw that all the people here live with tolerance and peaceful. You will find many of churches in the city but still can hear Adzan (Prayer Calling for muslims) five times a day. There's a place named Bukit Kasih, the place has a magnificently spectacular view. Bukit Kasih is the place of Monument from 5 religions in Indonesia is a symbol of peace and it’s also a place which reminds us about religion harmoniousness.

3 . The city with the highest amount of Churches in Indonesia.

Most people of Manado city are Christian and Catholic, while the rest of them are Islam, Buddha, and Konghucu. Manado well known as a christian City because have a lot of beautiful churches spread all around the city. For example this Alamanda Chapel located on the highland of Tomohon (Probably the best place to get married) and Sentrum Church The church still have the original architecture of Netherland style. 

4 . Did you know that the highest Jesus statue in the world is in Indonesia ?

Located in Lembeh Island, Bitung - Manado There is Jesus Statue stand at an Impressive 35 meter that made this statue has became The highest Jesus Statue In The World. This Jesus Statue 3 meters higher than the one in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and or in Swiebodzin, Poland. 

^Read the related informations about this HERE and HERE.

Also another Statue located at the Citraland residential estate With a 20 meter from ground and 31 meter statue in white stone shows Jesus Christ rising and stretching out his arms to bless the city. 

5 . Historical Place in Lembeh Island ?

Things about Manado that will Mesmerize you. #PostGraduationTrip-Manado-Art and History-Culinary-Traditional Villages-gemdra

Aircarft Lembeh - Manado

TRIKORA Monument is Is situated on a bluff at Lembeh Island Beach, there is an abandoned (Aircraft/Plane) Douglas DC-3 and park offers a nice opportunity to observe ships that come across the strait from Bitung and to see the harbour from afar as well as being a gathering place on Sundays and holidays by local people.

Also i've never been so close with this type of Aircraft Douglas DC-3, known as the most popular aircraft During the World War. There wasn't other aircraft types that most participated in the World War besides This Aircraft and Dakota.

^Oh ya, Did i forget to mention that UNFORTUNATELY this place wasn't well maintained by the local government and also there were Vandalism everywhere at the monument as well on the aircraft. :(

WARNING !!!! This following part will contain Disgusting and Disturbing Pictures.

6 . Dare to try these Extreme foods ?

Say WHAAAAT ?? hahahaha yeah greetings from one of the seller that i met at Pasar Beriman Tomohon (a Traditional Market in Tomohon) showed us a portrait of cat (half-cooked). Have you guys ever wondering about, How extreme actually all the foods in Manado ? How dreadful it could be ? on this part ill show you what the heck is actually Manadonese Extreme Food.

Note: This Indonesian foods that are not common in the basic life of the world citizen. If you are easily get offended by other cultures, an animal lover, an animal activist or vegetarian, PLEASE SKIP THIS PART :).

Most of us as Indonesian consume meat, rice (a lot of rice), fish, fruits, and vegetables. However, all of those food is normally consumed by us. But in Manado Some people choose to eat extreme foods to not to challenge themselves but follow the Tradition. Extreme food referred to as an extreme culinary is a commonly food here in Manado. 

In Manado as well in north sulawesi, Pork, Dog Meat, Cat, Rat, Bat, Snake, even Monkey are the kind of everyday food for local people consumed, also for special event such as christmas, wedding, and gathering. Usually cooked in Minahasa style like, Woku,Rica Rica, Tinoransak, Kawok,Paniki and many more.

These 2 pics below show the Dog Vendor was chopped the dog into a smaller pieces (This was the most difficult part to see.) 

You know that you are a Cat-Lover If this one is look Familiar for you. Yes This one is cat.

So, What would you do if you found a cat paw/claw in your dinner? :D

7 . Manado Girls

The last but definitely not least is Manado is the town "full" of beautiful girls ! Combined between Indonesian - Chinese - Philippines. Almost all comers who ever stepped on in this city, would be impressed by the beauty of the girls. SO DID I. Beauty of them more visible when They were always warmly welcome and very kind to comers thats why looking for a quick and familiar friends in Manado was not a difficult thing. 

Id like to Thank all these people who accompanied us During our trip In North Sulawesi. 

So what do you think about Manado ? Write down on the comment section bellow for another hilarious things about Manado that others should know !


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