The Journey of Four Jakartans to Papandayan



“May your adventures bring you closer together, even as they take you far away from home.”

― Trenton Lee Stewart

It's one of the day that I'll never forget, the day when I first tried to hike one of the mountain in Indonesia.

Mt.Papandayan is located in Garut, Indonesia. It isn't the hardest mountain to climb, and it sure is not the highest among the thousand mountain in Indonesia. However, for a casual traveler like me and my three other friends, Papandayan was the first mountain we hike and conquer.

Day 1, Friday 10th of April 2015:

Me, Dos, Farah and Dian begun our journey by car from Jakarta at 03:00 PM straight to Garut. Well, as we all knew that Jakarta has the most rage-inducing traffic compared to the other city.

After hours and hours of driving, we finally arrived at Garut by 09.00 PM. I never felt as starved as before, so we managed to stop by Ayam KQ5 and ate furiously. (I mean it)

I called my aunt from Garut to settle down for a while, we were fortunate because my aunt were nice enough to let me and my three other buddies took a bath and change our clothes.

By 10.30 PM, we were ready to continue our journey to Camp David, we were told that there was a car park there so we didn't have any doubt about going up there by car.

Clock was continued to tick and it was already as late as Midnight when we arrived. We already had a discussion that we were going to slept on car until morning comes, it was one of the funniest situation while we tried to find good position to slept.

Day 2, Saturday 11th of April 2015:

We didn't have much time to sleep as the clock already shown 04:30 AM and we have to prepared our hiking equipment, because we already had a deal with one of the local to take us and show us the way to Edelweiss Field which would take nearly 4 Hours by foot.

After preparing for the hiking trip, we're finally went on hike, for the effin-first time we were as casual travelers who rarely step on mountain area, will finally have a chance on doing it.

The track was quite steep and slippery because of the wet stone. The smell of sulfur smog continue to made us even harder to breathe, luckily there wasn't any major incident on the way. 

Not long enough we finally reach one of the hill to enjoyed the sunrise, merely waiting for the beauty of Indonesia's great nature with Mt.Cikuray as a background.

We spend nearly 1 hour on the hill because we were so mesmerized by the landscape. Never before we seen the beauty of Indonesia mountain landscape with our own eye.

As a photographer, me and Dos creative instinct couldn't help but bursting out and take as many photo as possible to capture the morning event.

After satisfied with the result, we continue our journey through the sulfuric and acidic crater of Papandayan, which indulge me to create one of my favorite shot.

On our way up, we rest a bit much catching our breath and mending our tired leg. It was another 1 and half hour on the way to Dead Forest, pretty much a challenge for us.

To the famous Dead Forest of Papandayan we go, which was the result of vulcanic eruption of Papandayan long time ago, creating the haunting looking place, yet appeared as one of beautiful place in Papandayan. (Well, it seems that there are always good thing after every disaster).

We ask our local guide about how much further to the Edleweiss Field, he said that it'll only take another hour hiking. We sigh a bit because it was going to be another challenge for us. However, tired feet & starving belly won't stop us for reaching the famous Edleweiss Field.

After an hour of walking and hiking, we reach the jungle of the mountain which was the sign that we are almost there. The trail become even more steep and even more challenging for us. We knew that another minutes of hiking, we will reach our destination.

It's 09.30 AM....

We finally reached the Edelweiss Field, our pupil dilated, our lips couldn't help but smile wide and said "We did it!"

We enjoy some time to rest at the field and accidentaly close our eyes and snooze ourselves. The chilling wind and shiny sun ray didn't bother us, because we're so tired and sleepy at that time, we're fast asleep on the field covered only with our jacket, didn't care about the rough terrain we were sleeping on.

Half an hour later, we were awoken by the sound of people chatting and the smell of Indomie from other camper.

We were really starving at that time, we didn't bring much up there and we managed to say goodbye to Edelweiss Field and finishing our trip to Papandayan Mountain.

We walk downhill, not more than 2 hours we finally reached Camp David and getting back to our car.

It was a really rollercoaster day, we were tired but having so much euphoria of hiked our first mountain.

We had a deal to just went to Cipanas and book a room to crashed on. We booked Purnama Bungalow for IDR 500,000 a night, munching our Nasi Padang that we bought on the way to Cipanas like a hungry tiger, taking a shower like we never showered before.

...such a heaven

Day 3, Sunday 12th of April 2015:

We slept like a tired babies last night, and we were already awake on 06.30 AM. My belly's looking for food and something sweet to drank, luckily there's Es Pokat beside our inn.

After finished preparing to went back to Jakarta, we went to look for Bakso and stumbled upon Bakso Rafael, which was owned by the mother of one of Indonesia's Boyband.

After that, we drove for another 3,5 hour to Jakarta...to the reality that we wouldn't admit going on, to the city where we work and continue on being the Casual Traveler that we always were.

"For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return." 

- Leonardo Da Vinci