Runaway Gede



Again.. we drive far far far away and we found Gede Mountain in Bogor. stop. loading. breakfast. still early, little sleepy, but our blood pumpy slightly faster looking at the ridge.

this is us.. six Jakartans coworker who get runaway from our mainstream routines and get back to nature..

Runaway Gede-Bogor-Adventure-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-jakatotting

complete team pic

we walk untill 7 PM at night, and the best person who arrived first, who had best endurance during the hike is little maiden in the middle in photo above. call her mot mot

below is our Chef Edic.. he cook since our campus age, when we get study and work together in Campus Organization's. he civil enginering actually but we all agree he should switching his job to be professional chef, he may got his luck ath there  (follow your passion - Om Nugie Said-)

last i give you sunrise sunshine boomshoot.. actually its not 100% perfect cause cloud still hanging around at there. but actually this is the perfect sunshine for me since i go to Gede in several times... 


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