Play With Under-Exposure



Under-exposure? Some people hate it so badly it's almost like a sin. For me, there's something beautiful in under-exposure shot. This photo i took some years ago in Bromo for example. I took this photo with a regular pocket cam with just the right exposure at first. Nothing special about it until i try to decrease the exposure during the editing process. "it,s too dark." some people say, but look at the textures. 

Bromo Mountain are famous for it's Sahara-like desert that stretches as far as the eyes can see. Just before the crater we also need to hike sandy hill, that requires extra stamina, until we reach the stairs leading to the crater. With under-exposure, we can really see the ground pattern as light hits different ground heights or different contour of the mountain and the hill. For me, personally, there's something gasping, mind blowing, and even frightening as Indonesia presents me with this stunning landscape. So there you go, walk, capture, and explore the countless possibility of Indonesia even in under-exposure. 


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