There's no such as latimojong mountain ! #postgraduationtrip



Latimojong Mountain is one of The seven "highest peaks" of Indonesia. The exact location of Latimojong mountain is in south of The Tana Toraja region or the administrative area of ​​the mountain is in Enrekang, South Sulawesi. Latimojong itself have several peaks, But the highest peak is Rantemario stands at an impressive 3.478 M it is surrounded by lush green forest and it is the highest mountain in Sulawesi. Towering high above us, this majestic mountain of Celebes (Sulawesi) are simply awesome. Read my complete story about the mountain,bellow..

That was exactly a week after my Graduation at my campus and 2 days before Eid Ul Adha, I flew to Makassar from Surabaya. Everytime i did a short transit in Makassar Friend of mine Eril always picked me up and brought me to my favorite Makassar cuisines.THX Eril .

There's no such as latimojong mountain ! #postgraduationtrip-Makassar-Adventure-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-Traditional Villages-gemdra

From left - right: Tjuanda,Eril,Me

Actually I was decided to went to Latimojong just by myself before Tjuanda friend of mine that i met in Bulukumba (2 months ago after my Takabonerate trip) Texted me that he was willing to join me on my #PostGraduationTrip. Our meeting point was at Daya Bus Station, we took some photos before we hit the road stright to Enrekang. 8 hours inside that small car wont break our legs.

^The price for one ticket to Enrekang was around +/- 100K Rupiah.


We Arrived the next day around 3am in the morning so we stayed at the "closed' traditional market, wait for Mr. Adi (0853-979-993-26) the one that willing to helped us during our trip in Enrekang. At 7am we were picked up by Adi and headed to this place KPA LEMBAYUNG.

There at KPA LEMBAYUNG, they were so kind with us helped us, gave us all the worthy information before we set the deal with Latimojong. The thing for you is Simply by reach up Mr. Adi through text and or phone he/they will happy to help you guys. Id like to thank all the people there at KPA LEMBAYUNG : Mr Dadang and Family, ka Adi, Ka Reza, Ka Saban, Ka Harun, Ka Ikram. Im happy to Iive my life in the peaceful archipelago like Indonesia, MY HOME. 

At 11 am we were waiting the Truck heading to the First base-camp before we could start trekking in Karangan Village. On that time we were waiting the Truck till 3 pm and the truck was already full of people and their load from traditional market. The worst case was, we didn't got enough space for both of us so we "standup" during the ride from Baraka to Karangan Village and also the road was pretty INSANE seriously I still remember the pain tho. But for me thats the art of traveling. 

There's no such as latimojong mountain ! #postgraduationtrip-Makassar-Adventure-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-Traditional Villages-gemdra


We arrived in Karangan at 8 pm, we stayed at Mr. Sinu's House (The BaseCamp +6281241721429 preferably text first). We met another group from one of State Universities in Makassar which had finished their hike and they shared some worthy information to us for the next day summit. We didn't talk too much on that night, i cooked some foods for me and Tjuanda and then we slept immediately.

^Truck only available on Monday & Thursday and that was the cheapest way to reach Karangan Village. However there were several option like Ojek and Other type vehicle (Hartop) but it would be little bit pricey i guess.

^Oh yeah, did i forgot to mention that during the rain season in Indonesia The muddy track from Baraka To Karangan is very rough, and it was made on the edge of the cliff. 4WD vehicle are needed.


We woke up early on that day there were some administrations things we have to completed before we were abel to start and it was a day before Eid ul Adha.

^The plan was we started trekking from karangan Village towards Camp 2 have a lunch there and then continued to Camp 5 stayed a night there and then the next day earlier we were summit to Rantemario and on the same day we went straight down to camp 2 to stayed a night there before we went back to Karangan. 3 days 2 nights Hike for Latimojong !

There's no such as latimojong mountain ! #postgraduationtrip-Makassar-Adventure-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-Traditional Villages-gemdra

Karangan on That day.

The way from Karangan Village to Camp 1 (POS 1) was quite tricky, please ask local people the right way up they will be happy to help.

There's no such as latimojong mountain ! #postgraduationtrip-Makassar-Adventure-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-Traditional Villages-gemdra



From Karangan to Camp 1 (POS 1) it took around an hour and half and that was pretty exhausted tho. We did a lot of stops while we had a small talk with a local farmer.

From Camp 1 (POS 1) when the Terrain was begin with the dense rain tropical forest till Camp 2 (POS 2). We arrived at Camp 2 (POS 2) right exactly 11 am after 3 hours trekking. We had our lunch there and at 1 pm we continued.

This is the real deal From Latimojong, don't even think about easy step, seriously the terrain from Camp 2 - Camp 5 was definitely The "jackpot" of Latimojong mountain. Well prepared mental and physics are needed here. You'll realize why all the hiker shouldn't skipped Leg Day at the Gym.

^Noted that try to go hike in Java first before choose Latimojong as your Next Hike Destination, I repeat prepare your self physically and mentally are the most important things.

5 pm we reached Camp 5 (POS 5) and at 5.30 pm we've done set up our tent and prepared for our dinner before slept. We didn't spend much time during that night. I knew that The Camp 5 has loads of ghost stories (all said to be true by local hiker and or from Internet), haunted places that both of us bravely use as place to stayed a night. We were the only two people at that time on the Mountain. 

RANTEMARIO The highest peak of Celebes (Sulawesi)

Earlier next day we woke up fully energised and fresh even thought we woke up like 1 am in the morning (Seriously I've never woke up at the time like that in my regular college life, I often late for the class hahahah but I'm graduated anyway :p so its okay i think). On that time the sky was full of stars the weather was not too cold and wasn't too windy as well and the moon shine was so bright that we able to walk without an Headlamp. After 3 hours trekking we still haven't seen the peak at all but the sky was already turn into orange.

^Just remember that there will be a lot of intersection during your trekking from camp 5 to Rantemario, use your instinct as i remember the way up to Rantemario was tend to left...

There's no such as latimojong mountain ! #postgraduationtrip-Makassar-Adventure-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-Traditional Villages-gemdra

at 4.45 am Latimojong

We kept walk till we look from afar this type of sign that made us sure that was the peak of Latimojong. At 5.25 am we were finally reach up the highest land on Celebes (Sulawesi) and five minuets latter the sun, that all the universe and us have been waiting for on that day showed up….

As we felt the warm of the sunlight enjoyed the scenery while took some photos. All the Hiker / Mountaineer will understand that there comes a time when you just had a lack of sleep but feel so great, being outdoor escaping to a peaceful place like this where you can spend your morning just watch the sun coming up.

The things about this mountain are:

1. The mountain has not been established as National Park by Indonesian Government.

2. The vast area of the mountain range are not fully explored yet, so wondering you could possibly lost at anywhere anytime and not be found again. So please be responsible Hiker.

3. Local People said that the best place to stay a night is in camp 7 (Pos7) The "Sunset" breathtakingly Amazing they said.

We went back straight down to Camp 5 to pack up our tent as well all the stuffs. As we’ve been planned before, we’d like to stay one day in Camp 2. From Rantemario all the way down we passed some beautiful scenery….

The pic below is actually shows the intersection between Rantemario and Nenemori, Nenemori is another peak of Latimojong Mountains. Local people said a lot of hiker lost and they were found in Nenemori. Nenemori not frequented by trekkers due to popularity of its neighbours Rantemario but, maybe you should give it a shot ?


We reached Camp 2 in the afternoon, actually Camp 2 was the only one that made the trip more excited ! Natural waterfall,stunning forest scenery, and the sound of wild animals that made this place so comfortable and peaceful.

Overnight there and the next day we went back to Karangan and going back to Makassar. I continued my #PostGraduationTrip to Palu and Manado meanwhile Tjuanda Back to Bulukumba. See ya on my next post about #PostGraduationTrip

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