Krakatoa : Sea, Mountain, and The East Wind



Just never thought gonna had this journey. It’s just all came up suddenly while my friends ask me to join an open trip package from KemanaLagi to Krakatoa. So here’s my journey exploring the beauty of Krakatoa.

Day 1 :

Our journey began in Merak harbor. We’re heading to Bakauheni harbor at 01.00 AM and it took around two and half hours to cross the Sunda strait. After arrived at Bakauheni, we straight forward went to Dermaga Canti. Dermaga Canti is the nearest pier to reach our first destination in this journey, Sebuku island.

Sebuku island divided into Sebuku Kecil and Sebuku Besar. First, we went to Sebuku Kecil to explore this little beautiful island. After done exploring Sebuku Island, we went to our first snorkeling spot at Sebuku Besar. And this is one of my reason to join this trip. I’m going to have my first time snorkeling experience. Super excited! I thought that it’s going to be fun, but actually it was terrible. Not because the snorkeling spot isn’t had some beautiful fishes and coral reefs to be enjoyed. It’s just because basically I can’t swim and it makes me so panic at the sea HAHAHA. Well, then I just had 15 minutes first time terrible snorkeling experience.

Enough with Sebuku Besar, we straight forward went to our second snorkeling spot, Cemara Satu Island. Actually at the itinerary we should went to homestay and have a rest for while. But our ship’s captain told us that it’s gonna be such a waste we had to go back to homestay first because the east wind is coming which means the wave at the sea is going crazy and we couldn’t enjoy our snorkeling activity there. So, it takes 15 minutes to move from Sebuku Besar Island to Cemara Satu Island. “Second snorkeling spot, don’t be panic and lets make a great experience here”, me trying to motivate myself. And here I go, I jumped from ship, down to the sea, try to keep myself calm, and thank God finally I found how fun snorkeling is. It’s beautiful down there and it’s more beautiful than Sebuku Besar snorkeling spot. The sea is so clear, the fishes are so cute, the coral reefs show its beauty. Glad that I had this amazing experience and sure had to do it again someday.

12:00 PM we’re arrived at our homestay in Sebesi Island. Such a cozy place to live on. The wind blew gently and sea is the sight of yours. As a reminder, you’ve got to prepare your device (phone, camera, etc) fully charged or bring a powerbank while you visit Sebesi Island. Because in this island the electricity only available at night. There’s no electricity at afternoon. Back to our journey. We had 3 hours to take a rest at Sebesi before we head to our last destination for day number one, to hunt sunset at Umang-umang island.

17.00 PM we went to Umang-umang island, that was kind of late and just like what the ship’s captain was said that the east wind is already coming. The wave is so wavy while we went to Umang-umang island. Arrived at Umang-umang, I straight forward looking for sunset. I don’t know if we were really that late because sadly I didn’t get the best sunset to see. But still, sunset is sunset.

Day 2 :

Day number two, we started it in so early morning. Around 03.30 AM we started to preparing what we need for today’s itinerary and at 05.00 AM we’re heading to Child of Krakatoa mountain. It took around one and half hours to reach Child of Krakatoa from Sebesi Island. As soon as we reach there, we had our breakfast and started to climb Child of Krakatoa. Actually it’s just a hill to climb and it just took around half hours to reach the top of the hill. Although it’s just a small hill to climb, still you can see how beautiful God’s creation there. And it’s all paid off my will to go to a mountain after a long break. One of the memorable moment that I had there is we had a ceremony to celebrate Indonesia’s independence day at the top of the hill.

Done amazed by Child of Krakatoa, we’re heading to our last destination for this trip, Lagoon Cabe Island. It’s rumoured that this island is the best spot for snorkeling from this Krakatoa trip. But since we’re heading to Lagoon Cabe from Child of Krakatoa, I had bad feeling that we’re not gonna have a chance to snorkel at this island because the wind blew so strong. And it’s true, sadly we had to miss this chance. Again because the east wind. So we decided to go back to Sebesi Island. It took around two and half hours to go back to Sebesi because it was so windy-wavy-shaky journey. Arrived at Sebesi, we just had 3 hours to take a rest and prepare for going home. 15.30 PM we went back to Dermaga Canti. Kindly having a chit chat with ship’s crew that we were so unlucky that the east wind was coming all day. But he said that fortunately it’s not really that bad if compared to the west wind. The situation will be more horrible if we face the west wind and we could take more hours to cross the sea. Arrived at Dermaga Canti, we took a break for a while and enjoying sunset there. 17.30 PM we’re heading back to Bakauheni harbor. After arrived at Bakauheni, we decide to part ways with KemanaLagi crew to go back to Merak harbor first.

From sea, mountain, and the east wind. It was all an amazing experience that Krakatoa can gives to you.


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