One of the many perks to live in an archipelago nation is that you have heaps of options on which beach you can visit for your holiday. Most people are making their itinerary either to Bali or Lombok since they're supposedly the most well-known.

Of course I believe you have heard about Kiluan, especially when its name were on the dispute whether it's going to be sold to a foreign billionaire last year. Or maybe you haven't. Despite the probable given news, Kiluan is one of the beautiful hideaways I've crossed off my bucket list.

We drove a car all the way from Jakarta to Kiluan. It was an 8 hours driving from our starting point. Had the road been better (or decent), we probably could save an hour or two. The second half of the road from Lampung City was a great effort. Road was a great effort, a winding rocky road. Too many bumps along the way that we also stumbled upon a pretty deep hole. Hence slow driving, we were just enjoying our horse ride! Ha!

We were all just in an awe when we stopped up on the hill right before the gates that led us down to the bay. The scene was amazing. The sun was just waking up from its sleep. We gathered at the bay before crossing to Kelapa island. The island plays purposes as the meeting ground before going to the blue lagoon or sailing to the ocean to see the herds of dolphins emerge on the surface, sometimes make a little jumping show. 

The dolphins come to the surface in the morning. At 7 a.m the herds showed themselves just 10-15 minutes far from the shoreline. The ocean were densely crowded with tens of fisherman boats to watch the appearance of the herds, sometimes they give us an acrobatic one. 

For almost half an hour watching these intelligent sea creatures playing around in the water, we returned to Kelapa island just for a few minutes stop before the fisherman brought us to another part of the mainland.

Blue lagoon is the main reason why people coming here. It is situated behind the hill, on the rocky slope. The hill is somewhat steep and slippery because it was raining when we got there. After an approximate 20 minutes of trekking up down the hill, we got to the blue lagoon. 

After the blue lagoon, we returned to Kelapa island. We stayed there for a little while. Relaxing on the beach, enjoying the sun. Beach is always a good choice for a laid-back kind of holiday. And this place is not too busy which is perfect for me. Just bring your sun tan oil and a book then you're good!