Kembang Crater, Sindoro Mountain



Kembang (n) a flower or sometimes known as a bloom or blossom in Indonesian language wich was explain about the beauty of Mt. Sindoro has that could be Explored. I suggested Mt.Sindoro as I had heard several mountains around Central Java were Still Closed during the Rain Season. So here it is a short story about my last summit to Mt.Sindoro, Enjoy !

Our Bus to Yogyakarta from Surabaya relatively cheap, me together with 3 friends from college we slept for almost 6 hours during night road trip. We were arrived in Yogyakarta and a friend of mine Afzal picked us up, it was quite long till i finally met him again. So as i have been promised him to go hike together after he had finished his internship program and also another friend of mine that would like to joint us was the one on the cover photo of this story Mr. Ade Chris wich is known as the man behind www.journesia.com.

We were starved when we arrived in Yogyakarta so we decided to had our breakfast first and than plan for the trip.

So the plan was we took a car from Yogyakarta which was me as a driver, from Yogyakarta towards Magelang - Temanggung - Wonosobo - Sigedang Village (The Basecamp). We were arrived in base camp in the middle of the night and met Mbah Amin (081227967705) as a Religious adviser for Mountain Sindoro (Juru Kunci) which was absolutely lovely and really nice with us :D. We had hot drinks and talked with mbah amin before we slept and rested for tomorrow summit.

Sigedang Village 

In the morning, we headed over to the backyard of our BaseCamp, we were told that there was a small field that you could see the activities of local farmer with the scenery of mountains. We were also told that the air here was totally fresh good for our “smoker" lungs tho :p and it was true.

Set The deal 

With the Beautiful Mt. Sindoro

After all well prepared and all the permits purposes have been completed from BaseCamp we took (Mobil Pick Up) through Tambi Tea Plantation towards Pos 2 when we started to trekking. We were went straight to the top of Mt.Sindoro started at 10.00 am and reached the peak around 5.45 pm.

There wasn't a sunlight during the trekking, it was cloudy, heavy rain and the worst part was pellets of frozen rain that fell in (Hujan Es) it probably caused by cumulonimbus clouds so we had to set up the emergency tent #PanicAttacked.

Here are some photos that of Mt. Prau Scenery just after heavy rain it was cloudy but it was worth to see :

Get to know that the peak of Mt.Sindoro has the most Vast Land on the top of the mountain I’ve ever climbed for, so it was possible for us to set up our tent there and to stayed a night.
Kembang Crater, Sindoro Mountain-Wonosobo-Adventure-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-gemdra

The Peak...

Sindoro Without Sunrise

We decided to set up our tents immediately, in case that we were avoiding for the upcoming storm and rain but it wasn't rain yet till we finished our diner and we had a small conversation just before we slept. What a really good time.

04.45 am in early morning my alarm was ringing, and we woke up and prepared to say Hi with the sunlight as we were hoped. after all well prepared and we opened our tents and BOOM it was full of dense fog every where :( ! We were waiting for about 30 minutes outside but nothing changed :( , it was still the same so we decided to go back to our tents and slept again.

So disappointed we couldn’t see the sunrise, yes it was.

But for you guys have to remember this “ Patience Is Important “ Don't hate the stuff you can’t control. Life is too short to be angry and annoyed all the time.

Did us miss the sunrise ? Yes, but we didn't miss all the beauty of Mt.sindoro. Around 07.00 am was totally clear weather so we went to Kembang Crater. 

When we opened our tents we saw the whole new perspective of Mt.Prau scenery….

Took a walk for only 15 minutes we passed by some spots that showed us another beautiful sceneries…

And finally Kembang Crater..

So we were finally felt the warmth of the sunlight,

The things that i liked the most about being on the top of the mountain were when you could feel the cold wind was blowing and at the same time the warmth of sunlight was all over your body. The Best Feeling Ever !

Also don’t forget to make a really good times with your friends take a really good photographs. Take Lots Of Photos together with your friend, You may only experience this good time with these people once in your lifetime. 

FOR ME: Great photos are the ultimate memory and also They don't cost anything and they don't give bad impact to The Mother of Nature.

Rather than you do "vandalism" :).

Thank you for reading See you on my next post :D

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  • Nenzquarius - 5 years ago
    ahhh keren banget view nya.... kalo boleh tau muncaknya weekdays ya mas? kok sepi pendaki ya?
    • gemdra - 5 years ago
      saya lupa weekdays atau bukan yang jelas pendakian ini saya lakukan seminggu setelah hilangnya pendaki asal jogja.
  • restianasyif - 5 years ago
    sumpah hujan es...
    • gemdra - 5 years ago
      Yes res, tapi cepet doang cuma mungkin 3 menitan -,-