Here we're:

Ahmad Fadil R.
Andrew Quardiolla
Novrisha Anggoro
Mada Riyanhadi
Ardi Nugroho
Deby Aulia H.
Oji Raditya S.

Donny Bursa
Denny Buntal
Yana Safitri

We're the eleven wanderers from Lumajang, Malang and Jember was trying to explore the vulcano's mount in Bromo Mountain, East Java. We've explored all the paradise of Brahma's Mountain. We got lost, sang together, and had so much fun. So, still in our story, for looking the unspeakable moments and an unpredictable journeys on #JourneyofBromoCampaign.

We have arrived at Bromo's Mountain at 4 P.M exactly we took a rest in savanna forest in Bromo. We're taking some of the moments, singing and laughing together till each of others had so much fun.  

When the others were joking and laughing, one of my friends, Oji Raditya want to take picture besides of being the incredibly amazing an atmosphere looked at this afternoon on Savanna's Mountain.

It was getting a dark and the cold are felt, seemed to pierce the our thick jacket. After resting for a moment, we resumed the journey to the summit to set up tents and planning to take a few moments together with milkyway. 

In the early-day, exactly at 3 A.M, we looked a distribution of stars in the sky began to appear. And at the right time, when the Bima Sakti Galaxy appeared, or we called as the Milky Way we started taking some pictures with quickly.

Entering at 4 A.M in early morning, the dawn has been risen from his sleep and giving the more light to the Universe. In depth of the warming sun, we finally learned that within us there lay an invincible summer.

At moments later, we've climbing on the hill around from the camp area. And on the top of that we will feelin' the grandeur of God's creation.

During the pre-dawn, we've spending time together with enjoying the beautiful of sunrise, and spent roll of film for the sake of a photos.

La Beauté.

said Yana 

Freedom to give
Freedom to live
Freedom to question why

Freedom to walk
Freedom to talk
Freedom to live or to die,

Freedom to sing
Freedom to swing
Freedom to just walk on by,

Freedom to be
Freedom to see
Freedom to aspire so high.

 by  Royston Allen.

When the sun has begun of sting, and time showed at 9 A.M. We proceeded to take a spot in the sea of sand, which is precisely located at the bottom of the hill Pananjakan, where we were set up the camp.

We've break.
We've tease.
We've laugh.
We've ridiculous.

We've look at each others, like an everything's gonna be alright.

The power, ingenuity, and sheer beauty found in nature has always fascinated mankind. When we look at powerful ocean waves rolling in, we cannot help but feel small and powerless in comparison. Mighty trees in a vast forest inspire feelings of insignificance and awe. 

The truth is, nature can teach us many valuable lessons. It can also lead us to wonder, did this beautiful earth with all of its natural treasures come about by chance or was it created?


I just landed. Where are you?
 I’ll wait for you here,
Come here, you tell me the rest of your story after we met.

Eastern cities, miles about,
Are with mosque and minaret
Among sandy gardens set,
And the rich goods from near and far.

Where the Great Mountain called as Bromo's Mount,
The power, ingenuity, and sheer beauty,
And on one side the desert blows,
And with the biggest savanna,

We have relaxing in this season,
Summertime blissness we're called it,
Thanks for the magnificience, and all of your beauty.

The people who have such tons on their dreams, too many stories to be told, and it's in our journey. 

— from The #JourneyofBromoCampaign


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