Island Hoping in Kepulauan Seribu

It’s probably a great destination for a weekend getaway that Thousand Islands is easily reached. Just last quarter of 2014, me and my mates went here. We visited four islands in a day. Another cityscape, only few hours from the seaport. You can choose to go there either by a speed boat (which saves some valuable time) or fisherman boat.

We were in an acute vitamin-sea deficiency state and Thousand Islands seemed to be the perfect solution at that time. We all went there in the morning so we could make an all around trip in a day. If you decided to go, it’d be best for you to make an itinerary first. There are tens of islands you can visit here, all with different accommodations. 

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“Sea, Sun and Snorkel”

Our first stop is Macan island. The island is famous with its wonderful cottage and yet we didn’t came here for the cottage leisure but rather for snorkelling. The water is house to coral life and heaps of sea creatures. Our second destination is Matahari island. Still another spot for snorkelling. Even though the underwater biodiversity isn’t abundant but bumping into a napoleon fish is quite a highlight of my day. Too bad I didn’t have a chance to snap him.

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Island Hoping in Kepulauan Seribu (1)

“Sea, Sun and Sand”

Our third stop is Perak island. It feels very relaxing once in a while when you’re just out of your hectic city life and strolling around the beach. It gives me soothe, happy feeling. Laying down on the white sand, closing my eyes, and listening to the rhythm of the sea when it splashes as it reaches the shore. Z E N.

Our final stop is Bundar island. It was almost sunset by the time we arrived. We sat for almost an hour there. Soaking up in the beauty of twilight.

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