I already have the backpack on my shoulders! I'm ready to start my new big trip again!

Gili Trawangan has been the first place to start the new adventure and after 8 crazy days it couldn't have been a better option.

After 36 hours in busy planes, crowded buses, expensive taxis and ferrys with so much fun I've reached my new destination. The water has such a beautiful and clear blue colour that allows you to see all fishes around. 

The harbour is so busy, but I've made my way among all the people and after walking away from the “city center” I have found the most chilled and good vibed hostel ever. “Gilifit” has this live music played by people working all day that makes everyone happy once you get in there. Cinema is on the house, people can play pingpong and basketball, the gym is available for all guests and the rooms are quite acceptable for 110.000 rupia/day. But a paradise can't be discovered relaxing in your hostel, so I just leave my heavy backpack in the room and I head to Mango beach.

Mango Beach! White sand, a lot of coral and warm water make me feel the happiest guy in the world right now. Besides, I've already meet some people from Spain, my country, and Nicaragua. Natalia, Andrea and Karla give me this warm welcome to Indonesia with their jokes and travel experiences while we watch the beautiful sunset.

Now, night market is waiting for us and the four of us plus some people they have met days before, enjoy the traditional Indonesian food surrounded by locals and hungry foreigners like all of us. Very nice food, but quite spicy for a spanish palate...

The sun is already hitting strong next morning and I'm ready to go the Scuba Diving Centre. Can't wait to go under the water after such a long time! The boat is taking us all to Shark Point and my group is ready to jump in the water. The view is amazing and I feel incredible. The marine life is so alive and during 45 minutes we see sharks, gigant turtles, clown fishes, angel fishes, and a long etc that can't be forgotten. This island is getting me hooked!

But is not just the diving what it makes this island incomparable: the yoga evenings, the beers in the sunset with horses runing over the beach, the Sama Sama Reggae Bar that gave us nights full of peace and love with its live music, the snorkel experience visiting the neighbour islands Gili Meno and Gili Air, the jugglers, the tickets “To The Moon” and you will know what I mean ;), the tastiest currys, the Cinema nights, Marley Bar, the barbecues with the friend you meet during traveling, the party (and there is a really good party), the not-engine autos in the island rule, the kindnes of the people... This is what it make it special.

I have been a backpacker for quite a while, I've visited so many places in my life but this island has given me in such a short time everything I could expect from it. Indonesian people are just really nice and they will always be accompanied by a smile. The good vibe and the chilled atmosphere is really easy to catch up; but unfortunately, I really want to discover different parts from Indonesia after what I have seen in such a small island.

That's been totally worth it!!

See you all in Gili Trawangan!!


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