Golden Sunrise Mt. Prau 2565mdpl



Thrusday, May 14th 2015,

Shine and bright!

One by one friends of mine came to my home. They’re bring their own things such carrier, include hike shoes, etc. After we filled our stomach with my mom super delicioso foods re: canai+chicken curry, we were ready to hit the rock go to Mount Prau located in Wonosobo, Central Java. We were rent a public transportation *angkot to pick up us to Kp. Rambutan station. We took a bus to go Wonosobo. It was a long journey, we spent 16hours in the bus, we spent it by sleep all the night.

Friday, May 15th 2015, 04.00 AM

 We arrived at Wonosobo Station, at there we met with a local people who will take us with his car to the homestay. After long road we decided to take a rest first before continue journey. After Friday prayed we were continue to go 1st basecamp Mount Prau. We took pick up car from homestay to go there. The weather was changed to windy and cloudy. But isn’t make us afraid to catch Mount. Prau! We took Patakbanteng track, which famous with high climb and more difficult than another track. We prayed together before start. In halfway suddenly rain has comin. But it’s okay we already got rain coat in our carrier. Fortunetaly rain drops only a few minutes. Praise the lord!

We got a long night walked. Unfortunetely I forgot brought a headlamp so it makes me felt more difficult to take save steps. We passed 3 poss and finally we arrived at the top of Mount Prau! Some friends build tends, me and another friend make a hot chocolate yummy!

We talked in the night with a cup of chocolate, singing, playing, ate indomie staring to the beautiful sky. Perfecto. One by one my colleagues felt sleepy and then their go back to tend and sleep. But not me I can’t sleep I’m too amazed to sleep because it was my first time can see the beautiful tons of stars and also milky way! By that time, we were all freezing from head to toe. The temperature was almost 0 celcius. But the sky is too beauty to abandoned offhand. So me and two friends of mine decided to take our sleeping bag out from tend and enjoyed the gooddest beautiful paint from God at that night. There’s nothing activities I did, only staring to the sky counting the shooting star with beautiful music from Payung Teduh songs ah, What a wonderful night! I felt so blessed! Subhanallah I can’t stop say it. FYI I got count more than 10 shooting stars! Bloody cool, isn’t it?

Time goes by, I felt sleepy but the weather freakin cool it makes me can’t sleep. “Oh sunrise please come more faster!” that what I’ve said..

Saturday, May 16th 2015, 04.30 AM

Sunrise!!!! Wohoo I saw the beautiful sunrise which is the best sunrise I’ve ever seen in entire my life till now. Subhanallah, the beautiful painted from God. The colours was so amazing! That’s why people called sunrise at there with “Golden Sunrise”. 

I’m so excited I was ran like I want catch the sun right in my hand. I saw the great views of top Mount Sumbing, Sindoro, Slamet, Merbabu, Merapi. At the back of the hills I saw whole Dieng plateu with beautiful terracing rice field. Freakin cool! And also Teletubbies Hill, which is the fresh green color on the hills that arise sink make anyone who sees taste wanted to run rolling around on it. Anyway look up the picture, you can see the moon and sunrise in the same time, isn't it so wonderful?!

After that we decided to walked around the hill, took lots photos video etc. We ran we laugh we dance. So blessed! 

Then we made some foods to fill our stomach because we need energy again to go down the hill. In the afternoon we ready to go down. I thought that it would be more easy than climb but I’m totally wrong. So finally I’m the last person who arrived at pos 1.

We got bad luck when we were on way to homestay. There’s a car accident so it makes super duper bad traffic. So we arrived at homestay late night. Beside that we are still be gratefull that finally we arrived at homestay safely. 

Sunday, May 17th 2015

Sunday morning! It’s time to go back home  . Ok we’ve already packaged all of stuff and ready to Jakarta. Before we leave we got brunch first, Mbah was made it for us. Mbah is the person who have the homestay. Her age is around 65-70 so that’s why we called her with “Mbah”. I had a little conversation with mbah and her daughter, she’s a nice person we talked about her family, how about the other climbers like us and else. They were treated us like their own family. Mbah always told us to eat. She made by herself. Mbah is such a lovely person. We love you mbah <3

After we filled our stomach with Mbah foods, we went to Wonosobo station. Unfortunetly all tickets was sold. We confused. But there’s available tickets departure on 17.00PM. Ok we took that tickets. Then we decided to go back to homestay took a rest for while. 

17.00PM We went to Wonosobo station, before departure we did prayed first. Good bye Wonosobo good bye Mbah we'll gonna missing you already. That was such a lovely short trip. I promised someday i'll go back to catch your Golden Rise again Mt. Prau :)

See you next from another Sunrise!

Enjoy the video! :)