#Flashbacksunday a Hipster's Waterfall – Banyu Anjlok, Malang



I had no idea what to expect upon visiting Malang again. While I really wanted to see Malang beaches and also I had seen photos of the place that combine the Waterfall and the Beach a million times in social media. So i was thinking visiting Banyu Anjlok, hoped it would be a really good short vacation to see the whole new perspective from Malang. This Waterfall Located in Lenggoksono Beach, Purwodadi Village, Tirtoyudo Sub-Distric, Malang Regency.

Me together with 3 friends of mine from Malang we did road trip from Malang to Lenggoksono Beach. We stared at early in the morning around 5 am and arrived in Lenggoksono Beach around 9 am, it took 4 hours of drive with trail bike. 

After arrived in Lenggoksono beach, to reach Banyu Anjlok you can rent a fisherman boats, an ojek (a modification semi trail bike), or trekking. We were thinking because of the place wasn't so far from Lenggoksono Beach so we decided to went by trekking.

Well… we were completely wrong about the distance between Banyu Anjlok and Lenggoksono. It wasn't that close as we expected, it was quite far and took 2 hours trekking (probably) to reach Banyu Anjlok. Half way of trekking and we were exhausted like totally exhausted after we passed a hill.

(Note: I do not recommend you to do the same thing as we did. The best Way to reach Banyu Anjlok From Lenggoksono simply by rent a fisherman boats if you are travel with a group or an Ojek. For a fisherman boats it cost around IDR 450K++ and for an Ojek around IDR 35K++ )
#Flashbacksunday a Hipster's Waterfall – Banyu Anjlok, Malang-Malang-Adventure-Beach-Lakes, Rivers, and Waterfalls-gemdra

The shoreline of Lenggoksono

After a short of drama, we met some of man with a trail bike passed us and they were offering us a FREE ride to Banyu Anjlok and we were like the happiest kids on earth. Yes Please Sir !!!

(Note: The best time to visit Banyu Anjlok is in early morning. You could possibly get a free ride same as we were. Because of these man they are doing their activities around Banyu Anjlok so do not hesitate to ask for a free ride)

Banyu Anjlok

Another part of the waterfall

#Flashbacksunday a Hipster's Waterfall – Banyu Anjlok, Malang-Malang-Adventure-Beach-Lakes, Rivers, and Waterfalls-gemdra


On that day wasn't so bright it was good for us for just chilling on the top of the big rock (boulder), so we were spent our time relaxing all day. We left Banyu Anjlok at 1 PM because it was getting crowded with people.

(Note: Highly recommend you to come to Banyu Anjlok on a Weekdays. Because during a weekend or long weekend this place will be filled by the massive amount of the tourists who often do a vandalism and littering)

Thank you for reading, see yaw on my next post :D

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