I believe that hard work without giving up and with fortified with patience will produce satisfactory results. This is real. I feel it when I was at an altitude of about 2000 masl (meters above sea level) in the morning. To be able to watch the exquisite beauty of the morning I had to walk up the valley Merbabu. It was night at 8 pm. I was with a team of climbers TheNaturalTraveler stepped to start climbing.

For me this is the first ascent. Initially I found it difficult to walk for hours amid the pine forest on a cold night. Rest many times inevitable. Luckily I have a friend who is patient and able to give the spirit so that we all can soon arrive at the campsite at Pos 3 TN Merbabu. It was after 2 am, we arrived in the post 3 TN Merbabu, we all rushed up tents and made a fire to keep warm and surrounding area, but it seems luck is not on our side, we had trouble making the fireplace. With all the effort we gave up and rely on body temperature to warm the body. We fell asleep.

THE MORNING always gives a feeling of peace, especially for morning and evening devotee like me. For me, the morning always comes with a new spirit that radiates through tinge sun glowing on the surface of a thin fog and clouds gather on the horizon.

As of this morning. Quiet morning at a campground in Post 3, TN Merbabu. At first glance there is no difference with the earths other existing camp. But this place offers a perfect morning. The cold was so freezing because geography this plateau at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

Apparently this is the result of hard work in the middle of the night we hiked. While everyone is in a deep sleep, we patiently walked step by step against the cold to arrive at the destination.

INDONESIA IS RICHOverlay thin mist accompanied with clotted clouds slowly pushed out of nowhere, which was visible expanse of glittering lights of the city, is now just a sea of ​​clouds which it increasingly visible clumps curves absurd because light rays hit the sun. Far away silhouette Lawu visible on the eastern horizon with mystical in a thin blanket of fog. I am grateful to live in this wonderful country.

FIRST ASCENT-Yogyakarta-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-alfanwibi

Far away silhouette Lawu visible on the eastern horizon with mystical in a thin blanket of fog.

While I was enjoying this perfect morning, suddenly something calling to. Out of nowhere a voice that appears. I turned right and left wished to know who's calling. But no one other than us. Another climber was still inside the tent. The voice keeps calling and getting toned. Apparently the sound was coming from behind the sun away, were not only the sound of the other calls also heard behind the exquisite Lawu, whether the voice was coming from who, the voice kept calling from all over the horizon.

"I thought for a moment, what it really is the voice of the call of nature that calls to mind, where there are many heavens in this country who should I traced?"

FIRST ASCENT-Yogyakarta-Mountains, Hiking, and Trekking-alfanwibi

I was just imagining what if you show me you shiny day