explore the beauty of nglambor beach



As a beach lover, it is not complete if I don’t spend my holiday to look for the other "virgin" beach in Indonesia, especially the beach that closest to Yogyakarta. Finally, my partner and I decided to find out Nglambor Beach. Many sources said that I can get the different atmosphere when visit there, because Nglambor is different with other beaches in Gunungkidul. It’s quite interesting! I am inviting you to feel the incredible God’s masterpiece with blue-sky scene, fresh atmosphere, and its underwater paradise. Are you ready for that? Let’s go!

Nglambor beach is located in Kelurahan Tanjungsari, Kecamatan Tepus, and can be reached by road around 2 hours from Yogyakarta. For your information, Nglambor is sited in one complex of Siung and Jogan Beach. If you have seen Jogan Beach, you just need to continue your trip westward and will find three-junction then go to the right. You will see the board is written with “Pantai Nglambor”. In fact, the road access to enter in this beach is quite difficult, because there is rocking road and no paved road. 15 minutes, the time you need to pass this tiring road. Yet, that exhaustion is paid in full with the amazing landscape of Nglambor Beach. For the first beauty, you can see how green this beach, how blue the sky, how big the wave, and how amazing the ambiance there.

I think that the beautiful beach only located in Bali or Lombok, but my statement is broken by Nglambor Beach which has the underwater beauty secret. Before I go to Nglambor, few people said that this is one beach in Gunungkidul that serves the beauty and exotic scenery. Besides, Nglambor Beach is the only one of beaches in Gunungkidul that can be used for snorkeling. You don’t need the big budget to get there, just pay 5000 – 10000 rupiahs for the retribution fee and walaaaaaa! Paradise is in front of you.

When I get there, it is amazing that there are monkeys came to me; it was like they are happy to see me. You don’t be afraid if there is one or two monkeys appear in this beach, because this place is their habitat. For additional information, Nglambor Beach is pointed out as the conservation area, for coral reefs and beautiful fishes. I am so lucky to get there and enjoy the white sand, clean sea water, until I can see what happens with underwater life in Nglambor Beach.

The adventure is started, my partner and I put the carrier, look around, feel the warm sand, touch the sea water, and we met a man who sits in the low-cliff. This man is lobster-seeker; in daily activity he goes to Nglambor Beach to catch some lobsters. It’s truly nice where I met someone in the place without visitor. My partner was talked for a while with that man for asking information about snorkeling in this beach. After that, we prepared our snorkeling equipments and ready to see the underwater paradise of Nglambor Beach.

Unfortunately, the wave is so big and we can’t continue to snorkeling, for suggestion, you can go there in the early morning where the sea water is not tides yet. Even though, my partner and I still can enjoy our holiday there with taking some breathtaking pictures. We got some pictures of clean blue sky that is collaborated with clear sea water. There are 2 huge cliffs in front of the beach as the beautiful protector. It is called as protector because those cliffs have function to break the big waves so the wave that goes to the beach is like dead-water that enables the visitors to swim over there. And as a beach lover, it is my obligation to keep the corals and fishes under the sea still have the best place or habitat. This duty also applies to you who want to feel the beauty of world’s paradise.

My mission is to create a world where we can live in harmony with nature. –Jane Goodall.

Live harmoniously with nature and create the good life for nature as nature gives the best for us. See you to the next trip, pals!

This is the direction I must be followed to reach Nglambor Beach:

Yogyakarta - Piyungan - Patuk - Siyono - Bundaran Siyono - Wonosari - Semanu - Giripanggung - follow the direction to Siung Beach - turn to the right after Jogan Beach -  follow the board with "Pantai Nglambor" sign - Nglambor Beach

Here the map is: