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ADVENTURE was really fun, especially if the place is not far away and the cost is cheap. This time I'm going to tell you about my journey in a small town that is comfortable, cool, and peaceful. Not far from my hometown, this time I had the opportunity during the week are in Salatiga. In this city, I welcomed both by one of my best friends in college who reside here, his name Dio. He is one of my traveling partner.

The plan, we will explore the natural of beauty presented by Salatiga. Maybe some people who do not know and sometimes wonder like this, "what the heck in Salatiga ??" or like this "Salatiga? It was in Indonesia? "" Fu*k tour if in Salatiga?". Well, if not yet in trying to in Salatiga explore where can know what it's like. Curiosity will be the natural beauty of Salatiga reason I why I am interested to come to the city at the foot of Mount Merbabu.

In each city that I flown, the first thing on my mind was "sunset and sunrise", yup, sunset and sunrise to me like falling in love at first sight. Sunset and sunrise has its own beauty in each city and county, want it on the mountain, beach, and the hustle and bustle of the city. Two paintings God is never bored me to be enjoyed. Until I actually realized I had fallen in love with two miracle that God gave to all mankind on this earth. A miracle that God gave to mankind, which is able to make anyone who sees it will cause arcing thin smile on your lips, no sad and sorrow.

So, no need to elaborate, then immediately I ask Dio where the right spot to enjoy the sunset and sunrise in Salatiga. Dio was then advised me to go to Goa Tourism Rong. This is the first time I heard the resort. Goa Tourism Rong is caving like in Pacitan with the nickname "thousand cave". Not many people know the location of the location of this resort unless natives Salatiga itself or your own searching on Google. Okay, this is very interesting, so after waiting for the right time, we went to go there.

Rong cave sites in the village of offense, District Tuntang, Semarang regency, Central Java. To get to this location, so we had to run through the streets uphill. Her location is on a hill. This hill has an altitude of 998 meters above sea level (asl). Having reached the top of the hill we were served amazingly beautiful scenery. From the top of this hill, we can see the five towering mountains, as if a giant standing in silence. The fifth mountain is Mount Sindoro, Sumbing, Mount Merapi, Mount Telomoyo and Mount Ungaran. Another advantage of Rong Goa tour, visitors can see directly Goa Rong located in the gap west. It is said that Goa Rong hole length is not measured. According to the story around, Goa Rong is a places that gonna be used by holy men to meditate. That said, this ascetic with his hygiene, can enter and exit holes Rong Goa in Demak. Wow, belief, supposedly. Rong Goa itself is small and unattractive, therefore being sold here is not his but Goa Rong View her being at the top of the hill.

A good friend of told me, "you're allowed to have problems". Do not ignore them, what ever they may be. Fall memories.

Seeing the natural beauty I had just witnessed made me become increasingly eager to explore Salatiga. Less, it if only to enjoy the sunset and sunrise missed, iit was like vegetables without salt. At the same time, and still had not moved back from Goa Rong, I immediately asked where a good spot to see the sunrise. Honestly, it was during this Dio has never enjoyed the sunrise in his own city. She was confused and I was too.

On the way home, Dio remembered something in the memories of his high school years. If he had been going somewhere. The place was far above the top of the mountain. Where he and his friends never to the top of it and enjoy the view from a height of Salatiga. But at that time he did not have time to enjoy the sunrise with his friends. So he asked me to go to the mountain to the peak to enjoy the sunrise.

The mountain was named Mount Telomoyo. Mountains are located in the district of Semarang and Magelang, Central Java, it has an altitude of 1,894 m above sea level. With only minimal preparation to bring a jacket and a digital camera, so we were prepared to go to the mountain.

AT 3 MORNING. We also departed. Dark ride night and bone-chilling morning air accompanied us on the road. The streets were deserted and sometimes milling villagers with battered bike and his stuff bring vegetable crops to be sold in traditional markets. Arriving at the foot of the mountain that is where our journey begins.

To reach the summit of Mount Telomoyo we can drive a motor vehicle or on foot. Access roads that do not support making us walk motorhome to be very careful, since there is no system of lighting and safety signs along the road to the summit of the mountain. Sometimes eerie atmosphere come to haunt us, we are noisy motorcycle sound broke the silence on this mountain. Maybe goddesses who dwell in this mountain was surprised to see two little boys coming into the area of power. "Snot-nosed kids doing these two go to my place", probably so he murmured. Previously we had been asked for permission in advance to get into this area with a prayer.

After approximately 45 minutes during the trip, we finally reached the summit of Mount Telomoyo. At the top there is a successor station radio waves, if the word cool is this is a "microwave". Some high-rise tower in this place, and everything is still actively working. No signs of life here. As alienated areas, neglected, and abandoned.

Waiting for sunrise at an altitude of 1,894 m above sea level with bone-chilling cold air and the jacket potluck not easy. We were cold. The most severe and we do not carry any stock, even a bottle of drink did not exist. With sober sense we intend to warm himself from the cold ridiculous. Luckily I brought lighters, then with makeshift tools we also burn our own fingers. Our fingers are already "almost" numb. Amateur.

NATURE OF THE HEARING. Slowly but surely, the faint red color mixed with orange began to burst from the horizon in the east, but the sky was still dark and starry faithful crescent shining dark of night. The sounds of nature began to emerge as some of the birds that sing greet the morning, insects such as crickets and other nocturnal animals. It is a thrill and a very different experience, before I was never able to enjoy nature like this, it is always crowded with other tourists, but today all look different. There was only us and nature. We listen to nature that seemed to tell us a life that they exist, that they live around us, that they need us to keep it. We listen to nature at that time.

At the moment we're enjoying it, suddenly they were all silent, silent, not a single voice is heard. Silent. Silent. You know guys, after all silent for about a minute, then there is a melodious voice is heard by us at the time. The dawn call to prayer rang out. Not just one but shouted to each other between the mosque with one another. Shouted to each other to call Muslims to worship in His house. There is even a hit bedhug and kenthongan to wake residents. Over the next 4 minutes I never felt peaceful as this. Calm and peaceful feeling that arises when I heard the call to prayer rang out. Then this smile swelled like a crescent moon above us. We closed her eyes, listening to mimic nature and respect the beauty of the call to prayer at dawn in height.

Even nature knows how they honor the call to prayer in their own way, to stop the move for a moment to honor Him. Are you too so when I heard the call to prayer?

SCENERY is amazing. Below, the lights of houses Salatiga. Above the star-studded and beautiful moon. In front of us, graded orange color with purple in it, the sun will soon reveal itself. I hope this is not passed quickly and can enjoy it longer, but nature would, promptly at 5:29 am, the sun rises from the eastern horizon.

Once the sun is shining brightly, I realized that where we stand is a hang gliding and paragliding takeoff. It turns out that this place is a place that is often used by sports fans hang gliding and paragliding if any championship. To me, any place, no matter what, we still always able to enjoy the scenery there in our own way. This place is history for us that we get something of experience and lessons really beyond our expectation.

On that trip we traced, there is a part of who we are dropped off at an unfamiliar place, to later we met at another time.

NEW FRIENDS. Not just a new experience, we also met new friends, which incidentally they also are heading to the top of Mount Telomoyo. They are Mr. Fandi and Mr. Luki. They came all the way from Jakarta only for sightseeing and just hunting photos. They are fathers tough. I heard them tell you how difficult it is to reach the top of the mountain using maticnya motors. They had fallen twice on the bike because it is the motor that do not comply with the broken road it will endanger the rider himself. Because of that they are so late to see the sunrise.

We had suddenly become a hometown boy. The new village children know what it is called technology. Brought camera equipment is expensive camera for motorcycle sport. With its plain we were shocked and bewildered. For the first time we saw and could even hold the expensive camera. I use this opportunity to try out what the heck it's expensive camera. Finally I borrow and try to take some pictures with the camera and the result? The same. It makes no difference to the camera that I use. Maybe because I still do not understand how to use the expensive camera to the fullest. Well, his name is also hometown boy.

With all humility we parted. Each went on his way respectively. This valuable experience will not be timeless and will continue to be recorded in the memory of our memories. This place still provides an amazing view when we were about to leave. At this altitude, the place is still a silent witness that God shows His greatness through the earthy nature. With silence and breezy wind on the hill they like to watch us and give us farewell. Thank you.

Don’t worry nature. We will keep this nature with all sincerity and our ability. Stay like this, it could still be a paradise on earth that this broad.


  • jessicasurianto - 5 years ago
    Nice story and great shot!
  • gemdra - 5 years ago
    nice story dude !!
  • erlinel - 5 years ago
    What's the location's name where you take the beautiful sight posted on your cover photo? :)
    • alfanwibi - 5 years ago
      I take photograph of a place called Mount Telomoyo and it is a village in the vicinity of salatiga. I do not know what it's called the village, but that I know the village adjacent to the city of Salatiga. Thank you.