Day Trip to Dieng



Started out because I had days off before, on, and after Idul Adha. I thought why should I stay home for the next three days if I can just go somewhere. So I googled some destinations. I wanted to go to Lampung but I don’t think I really want it after all. After that, I thought of going to Kiluan bay but from what I read it seems quiet unreachable for me to go there alone. So finally, I decided to go to Dieng because it’s not too far and very affordable. With only 10 minutes research over people’s blogs, I called this bus company and got myself a bus ticket to Wonosobo.

The next day, on 14 October 2013, I went to Lebak Bulus bus terminal and left Jakarta at 5pm. It took around 11 hours until the Bus arrived in Wonosobo. So it was 5 in the morning on the 15th when I got there. I asked the bus driver to drop me off in plaza Wonosobo and so he did. Just right when I got off, a man stood nearby was yelling “dieng dieng” so I came over him and he pointed a minibus that will take me to Dieng. I decided to ate gudeg by the street first before I finally got in to the minibus. The minibus left plaza Wonosobo at around 5.40 and I arrived in Dieng Plateau at 6.30 I guess.. Can’t really remember how long it took me to get there but it wasn’t that long. The minibus cost me 15.000/20.000.. I can’t also remember how much it was precisely hahah.

After I got off, I just followed the direction from someone that I asked. Turned out, Ied Adha pray (that just so happened to took place on the court in front of the temple complex’s front gate) wasn’t finished yet so I had to wait for 10 minutes until I can finally got into the temple complex.

Later after the pray finished, I bought an entry ticket (which I also forget how much did it cost) and started to walk around..

I continued walking to Sikidang crater which was already included in the ticket I bought. The walk from the temple complex to the crater was quiet far. You can take ojek if you don’t want to walk though

From the crater I used ojek to go to telaga warna. This one is excluded from the first ticket so I bought another entry ticket. After I walked around, I hiked uphill to see telaga warno from above.. it was beautiful.

After I’m done with all the sightseeing I went back to plasa wonosobo by the minibus and took angkot from there to Mendolo bus terminal to get back to Jakarta.

Day Trip to Dieng-Wonosobo-Adventure-Heritage Sites-Traditional Villages-nadynatasha

photos taken around the terminal

The bus from Wonosobo to Jakarta also leaves at 5pm and I arrived in Jakarta safely on the 16th. Practically, it was only a day trip. It’s just that it took quiet some times to get there by bus. If only I had more time I would have stayed overnight there and go up to mount prau for sure.. maybe next time though.

the whole trip cost me less than 350 thousand rupiah.