Awesomely Beautiful Beach



Indonesia. The country i've been living in for 18 years. The country i've been growing big in. The country i've been studying in. And the country with so many awesomely beautiful places. Beautiful places. Bengkenang Beach is the one of. Located in Manna, Bengkulu Selatan, made this beach as an icon there. July 17, I went to Manna with my dad. It took 10 hours with car from Palembang. I was like not so tired because i finally arrived at this super missed city. The next day, i directly asked my dad to take me to beach. He took me to this beach, Bengkenang.

It was like seven kilometers from city center. Seven kilometers felt like so near. Because in my way, i felt and viewed the very fresh air and pretty tall trees. I saw like two shepherds doing their own works with their cows. 

The wind swinged leaves of these tall trees. It was like pretty legit to see and really fresh to feel. You guys should bring camera. It's too beautiful to not capture. And the rocks. You could take some cool and pretty rare rocks.

Blessed to be Indonesian. Why? We could feel so many kind of weathers. My city, Palembang, one of the sunniest and hottest cities in Sumatera, made me felt so sultry. It's vice versa when I was in Manna. I felt fresh. Really loved to feel this difference.

You guys have to note this beach as one of your destination lists! 

It's really worth to visit.


  • zahm - 3 years ago
    mau tanya kalo jalan kaki dari jalan masuk pertamanya jauh ga?