A weekend well spent on Mt. Gede.



Another weekend well spent with some friends on the mountain. Hiking together with some friends seriously should be on your list while you are still on your 20 something. This was actually my very first mountain in West Java. Mt. Gede located only 93.8 km away from Jakarta, side to side with Mt. Pangrango, these two magnificent Mountains still in the same area of “Mount Gede Pangrango National Park”. I never knew before that Mt. Gede was seriously phenomenal till I saw Alun Alun Surya Kencana directly with my eyes. With The location that isn’t that far from Jakarta, Mt.Gede will be your natural cure and you’ll forget for a while about your working habits.

There are 3 official routes of Mt. Gede that I know, Cibodas, Gunung Putri, and Salabintana. Gunung Putri route was chosen by us since this route offers a challenging, yet a beautiful terrain and a shortcut to Alun Alun Surya Kencana also to the peak of the Mountain itself.

A pretty confusing permit about the mountain won’t hold us. (I’ll explain about the permit latter on the FYI section). A late afternoon after office on Friday we left Jakarta, a bus drove us from Kampung Rambutan Bus Station towards Cibodas. It was almost midnight when we arrived at the intersection (this intersection famously known by the bus driver, simply ask them your aim to visit Mt. Gede, they will drop you right at this Cibodas Intersection). We continued rent a car that brought us to Gunung Putri Village (75 K rupiah / car) where we will start trekking!. Within one hour afterwards we reached Gunung Putri Village and rest immediately for the next day hiking.

#Gunung Putri Village - Alun Alun Surya Kencana

We woke up early. First thing first had a breakfast of course and carried our carrier bags with mountaineering equipment and some logistic to the last national park office before we could start trekking. The plan was to traverse from Gunung Putri and descends towards Cibodas.

We walked among a small path and were passing through a plantation leading us to the 1st post (Legok Leuncah). The sun was shone, from afar Mt. Gede strongly showed up. For almost an hour, the terrain dominated by rice field and some vegetable plantation.

From Legok Leuncah towards Buntut Lutung took us approximately an hour and half, the track was quite same with the previous one, but offered us a dense rain forest, a calming situation, a fresh air of course and suddenly all the stresses of working disappear.

Our steady steps were getting difficult and our breath were getting heavy. Since these tracks from Legok Leuncah to Buntut Lutung - Lawang Sekateng - Simpang Meleber are the “Jack Pot” of the mountains track. 3 Hours we walked continuously on a steep path filled with roots and some boulders along the way up. We did a lot of stops, talked to each other and throw a smile to other hikers. It was already noon when we arrived at Simpang Meleber, Alun Alun Surya Kencana was still 1 hour away so we decided to have our lunch instead. From Simpang Meleber we finished our lunch and continued.

The weather started cloudy the sunlight was blocked by a thick grey cloud above us made a gloomy kind if situation when we finally reached Alun Alun Surya Kencana. Kind of creepy tho, but still, at that time Alun Alun Surya Kencana was seriously phenomenal !. A vast meadow located at 2758 m Above Sea Level with edelweiss overgrown at every corner of the place. Well, 5 - 6 hours trekking were paid off. Moreover, this place reminds me about Cikasur on Mt. Argopuro.

We set our tent around the corner of Alun Alun Surya Kencana, just before it’s dark, we refill our water supply at water springs in Surya Kencana and prepare for our dinner. We sat inside our tent with the door opened as the sun set and brought a cold and mist covered up almost half of the area. We were wondering at that time if only the weather weren’t that bad the stars must be twinkle and the moon shone above us. But unfortunately It wasn’t, the rain started falling 30 minutes afterwards.

#Alun - Alun Surya Kencana - The Peak of Mt. Gede - Cibodas

We packed and rose early the next day. We approached the peak, within 30 minutes later we were already on the top of Mt. Guide.

The sun wasn’t showing up at all, leaving us with a broken heart. Not much happened on the top of Mt. Gede, I took some photos of Mt. Pangrango, far beneath us was Alun Alun Surya Kencana with a mist slowly faded away, so beautiful yet calming at the same time. I could say that the gem of this Mountain is Alun Alun Surya Kencana, I would happy to go back to Alun Alun Surya Kencana and stay a Lil Bit longer maybe for 2 - 3 days.

We started going down towards Cibodas. We passed a steep slope called (Tanjakan Setan) and Kandang Badak Campsite. As we descended, we met a lot of people, couldn’t agree more, that this national park gets a predicate the most visited National Park in Indonesia.



www.gedepangrango.org/online-booking/ is the first thing you should open before you go hiking to both Mt. Gede and Mt. Pangrango.

If you choose Salabintana or Gunung Putri as your route, but still you have to go to Cibodas Basecamp first even tho you’ve already registered online, to obtain a legal permit letter.

Only Indonesian Can apply online for permit.

For foreigners, you need to bring a copy of your passport and come directly to Cibodas Office.

Foreigners and also the beginners are required to hire a porter / guide.
These two guys, Ivan Montana (083817425801) an employee at Cibodas Office and Bidin (081380539240) an employee at Gunung Putri Basecamp.

Both, Mt. Gede and Mt. Pangrango are the suitable for beginners.

The most crowded mountain I’ve been up to so far, yet the mountain was pretty clean tho ! THUMBS UP 👍👍

From January - March (On rainy season) the national park is often closed to visitor.

Thank you so much for always reading my story, I do really appreciate it.

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