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What strike to your mind when you heard a word Padang ?? For me it is always a good Padangnese Foods ! Minagnese foods are commonly found in “where ever” you are in Indonesia. From a tasty cuisine to a beautiful china town in padang, this story will tell you about few places for a day trip in Padang City - West Sumatra even though with just by a bicycle.

Previously I went to Mt.Kerinci for a 3 days trip. Before taking my flight back to Jakarta, I still had a day transit in Padang. So I was thinking to explore around Padang City for a day trip and here are 8 things to do in Padang Gema’s Version:


If there is one place you should Visit First during your trip in Padang, it must be "RUMAH MAKAN PAGI SORE". The restaurant serves Padangnese foods and their speciality is Ayam Goreng Kampung (fried chicken). The deep fried chicken with traditional flavor, so delicious, soft also crunchy to the bone, and of course TASTY. Seriously the chicken is to die for !!!I would say the price was “a bit” pricy, but it was 100% Worth every rupiahs we paid. Established since 1947 this restaurant still open daily on Jl. Pondok No. 143 Padang City. A trip to Padang without a visit to this place will be a waste !


Strolling around this old town will bring you back to the dutch colonialism era with a touch of Chinese tradition. There were several places that still well maintained and most of the houses were built in the 19th century. This old town will offers you a lot of tasty traditional mixed Padang-Chinese cuisines. Of course dont forget to take a walk around with your camera there are so many beautiful things to capture here in Padang’s China Town. 

# IKO GANTINYO - Es Durian nan Saba nanyo !

DURIAN ! If you are the one who usually going nuts for this Durian thing, well this place definitely for you. One of my friend a native Padangnese has confirmed that this place serves the largest, delicious, authentic Durian Ice cream in Padang. Since I am not a fan of durian, but i keep review it anyway. Moreover the place was cozy and the price was reasonable.


I was recommended by my friend to try this MALABAR Restaurant. Malabar serves several dishes, but two of their well-known dishes are Martabak Mesir and Roti Canai. Martabak Mesir / Martabak Telor is basically a pan fried egg pancake with some meats (beef/lamb) and vigies on it, serves together with a special black sauce (probably a soy) taste sour and a bit sweet match perfectly with Martabak itself. Roti Canai (Canai Bread) serves in any ways you want it too ! Perfect for main course with curry (some kind of Indian curry) or eat as a dessert with white sugar or a chocolate as a toping.


The best place for all kind of Minagnese foods. Famously known, the most delicious Rendang comes from their kitchen, YES Aneka Rendang Asese. I would not recommend you any places in Padang to buy a good authentic and delicious Rendang besides this place. Recommended gift shop for your loved ones. 


Another authentic gift shop is this place, KERIPIK BALADO SHIRLEY. Keripik Balado Shirley well known as the trade mark snacks from Padang. Keripik means crackers made of cassava, meanwhile Balado means spicy chilly hot sauce a bit sweet, and Shirley means (I dont know either) the name of the owner probably. So, Keripik Balado Shirley is a Cassava Crackers seasoned with a hot spicy chilly sauce “a bit sweet” proudly made by Mrs. Shirley :p . Moreover, this Place serves so many local stacks: from sweet, savory, spicy snacks are found here. Such a Perfect place for local Snacks.


Served with Lontong (some kind of rice cake) the beef was soft, chewy, and tasty completed with the sauce a bit savory but tasted OHHH GOD really really damn good ! With the portion that wasnt that big (for me) perfect for a not-so-full dinner. The price was approx 20K rupiah / person and the taste of their sate deserved a predicate a legendary sate Padang in Town.


This one probably the most crowded place in Padang. Pantai Padang is typically a long shore of beach with cafes and stalls along with it. The beach not really suitable for some of water sports activities neither for swimming, of course you couldn’t compare it to Bali’s or Lombok’s beaches. But, still you could enjoy sunset while drink a fresh coconut, do an afternoon run, play the kite, and eat seafoods. Such a perfect place to end up my trip in Padang, what a Super short - worthwhile Visit !

Thank you so much for always reading my story, I do really appreciate it.

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