2900 MASL, 2900 Nature's Wealth, and 7 Wanderers With The Unforgettable Journey




Here we're:

Ahmad Fadil R
Alief Asqiq R
Amien Rosyadi
Arifin Wibisono
Elsdin Sakti Aji
Rysang Wardhana
Supriyanto Wicaksono

All images taken with Nikkor 55mm Nikon D3200

We're the seven wanderers trying to explore the greatest hills on Lumajang, East Java. And the one of target spot is in the B29, or some people in there called it as “Hills with 2900 MASL”. The one of highest hills with such of perfected sceneries that you've never seen before. So, still in our behance, for looking the unspeakable moments and an unpredictable journeys on the super high hills of B29.

Covered by: #PhotowalkLumajang

We're starting on hills track at 7 A.M. We was seeing the fascinated of beautiful sceneries and what you've look on this earth.

We've break.
We've tease.
We've laugh.
We've ridiculous.

We've look at each others, like an everything's gonna be alright.

Always on your track, guys. Still looking at the soil. Because the soil is so slippery, and unconditional track that can makes your path will bringing you on the ravine.”,

said Yanto

“We think we'll be able to, in the end, rise above the clouds and climb the stairs to peaks, and we will look down on our beautiful life.”,

said Alief

The weather is very cold as the freezing ice, son. So, still wears your bulky jackets and the hat warmer. Careful. Now, you're stay on the area of “Extremely Hills”.

When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.



See Then Capture.

“Absolutely, The Nature is won't to hide herself. Looks, The Semeru's Mount won't to hide from you.”,

said Elsdin 

Power is so characteristically calm, that calmness in itself has the aspect of strength. 
Absolutely, The Nature has strength aspect of the calmness. 


Finally, with much of the soul's sacrifices, we'd been done for climbing the highest hills on East Java above on 2900 MASL. Through the sizzling sand, muddy soils, and very cold weather. From here, at the supreme hills of B29, we'd looked on the victorious mountain that called as:

“Bromo's Mount”. 

Half the world is sleeping,
Half the world's awake,
Half can hear their hearts beat,
Half just hear them break

I am but a traveler
Been most everywhere
Ask me what you want to know

What a journey it has been
And the end is not in sight
But those stars are out tonight
And they're bound to guide my way

When they're shining on my life
I can see a better day
I won't let the darkness in
What a journey it has been

The Journey - Lea Salonga 

The people who have such tons on their dreams, too many stories to be told, and it's in our journey.


“2900 MASL, 2900 Nature's Wealth, and 7 Wanderers with their Unforgettable Journey.”


  • jessicasurianto - 4 years ago
    very nice
  • Nenzquarius - 4 years ago
    keren mas, aku bulan november tahun kemaren ke b29, trekking siang ujan deres dan kabutnya parah, tapi pas pagi keren bgt pemandangannya
    • askfadil - 4 years ago
      Halo salam kenal! Iya memang pada saat siang hari kabut naik semua jadi kita ga bisa nikmatin lebih daripada saat pagi harinya. B29 emang spot keren buat lihat puncak mahameru dan gunung bromo dari atas. Btw, makasih ya sudah berkunjung :D
  • - 4 years ago
    Awesome :3
    • askfadil - 4 years ago
      Thankyou El, yuk kapan nih bisa traveling bareng lagi :)