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How a moment was captured by a person primarily depends on his/her taste and perspective. Basically, I am the “go all the trouble” type of a person when it comes to photography. So, whenever I see a wonderful moment, I just click the shutter. Yes, an impetuous snap.”

Prabu Rahwandy is the man behind the Instagram account @prabsr, a Lombok-born who prefers to be recognized as a videographer than a photographer. He started growing affinity towards photography since he was in junior year in high school and began practicing with an analog camera his dad gave him.

Below is our conversation with @prabsr

Tell us about yourself and how did you start in photography?

My name is Prabu Rahandy. I am from Lombok but currently domiciled in Bandung because I went to college and also hired here not long after I graduated. I knew photography when I was in 11th grade. My father gave me an analog camera. The beauty landscape of Lombok combined with few knowledge on photography I obtained when I was a visual communication design student in college had turned photography into a fun hobby to me.


What kind of photography is the best way to describe you?

Basically, I just don’t hesitate when taking pictures. Once I see a perfect moment, I just snap. I have never categorized myself into certain boxes like landscape photographer, city photographer, etc. For me, there is an infinity in photography where you can make any kind of things, an object of your photograph. It depends on our point of views.


What sort of technical skill you perform on your shot?

Taste and perspective are very important in photography because that’d be the things that distinct your works with others. There is no special technique whatsoever that I do, but at least, it is important to bring a balance composition to a photo so that you’d have a satisfying final result.

When did you join Instagram?

It was during my college years when I initially joined Instagram. The only purpose was to save pictures in social media. But then it grew bigger and I learned to know more people and consistently gain new knowledge which is very helpful to better my photography skill.

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Do you like traveling? If yes, how does traveling help you in photography? 

Yes, I do love traveling. As a Lombok bred, I only travel around Lombok which is enough for me. When I moved to Bandung to go to college, I’ve got to meet new people and led to an understanding that traveling is beyond that. It also involves our culture and custom. By traveling, I have the chance to see and learn a lot of things of the outside world which is very interesting to be preserved through photographs.

Who are your inspirations in photography?

In photography, I idolize Morgan Maassen (@morganmaassen) and Woody Gooch (@woodygphoto). They both give me a huge influence in my taste and perspective of my creative work in photography.

What are your future goals that you really wish to accomplish?

I want to contribute by spreading the news about how rich Indonesia really is, not only of its majestic mountains or beautiful beaches but also the local heritage, the culture, our diverse tribes and its custom. I really want to make a short video covering those things.


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