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I don’t do things to have fun, I have fun doing almost everything. When I do things, I do it passionately

– Nadya

Nadya Natasha or more familiar with nick as Nanay/Nanas, is an undegraduate student majoring Dutch literature in University of Indonesia. She’s mostly occupied with her recent employment for Galeri Indonesia Kaya and her alter passion as freelance photographer and writer. This humble multitalented girl has a huge passion for traveling, especially in mountain climbing. She has also recently got her diving license which we believe will add more shades to her journey and photography. So here’s our conversations behind her beautiful gallery.

What kind of photography do you do?

To be honestly, I am more into human interest kind of photography. Yet, my Instagram feed is dominated by nature shot, obviously. But that’s purely a bonus from my travel. For work, I did some product photography and my recent employment was as a personal photographer for a travel agency.

Since when you ‘re starting to derive an interest in photography?

I started using camera since I was in sophomore year in junior high. I didnt begin with a DSLR camera just a plain pocket camera. I self-taught myself, snapped various objects as an experiment. When I am at school, I could borrow a DSLR from a friend and constantly self-taught myself to photography. I think people began to label me “photographer” from that day on. I was always gonna be the first person they came to when they need a photographer. However, I humbly think that my technical skill in photography is not to consider as ‘qualified photographer’ compared to others.

How did you find your inspiration?

From all things surrounding me. Funnily, I almost get more inspiration when I am on commuter line, it’s probably because I was standing all the way to my destination and my mind easily wanders. Hence, more inspiration.

What kind of camera do you use fr photography?

I am using Nikon D80 for DSLR, Nikon F60, Canonet QL18, and Canon EF for analog.

How about mobile photography?

Most of my ig photos were produced by this shitty phone camera in fact (laugh), iPhone 5S because it’s way too much of trouble if using a DSLR camera.

I am personally impressed with the quality of your Instagram feed. Beside all those wonderful shots, you also write interesting story on each of them. Do you always try to maintain your feed orderly?

I am really bad at responding compliments because I think my feed is pretty common. I don’t necessarily maintain them to be that way but I love bright colors. I don’t edit my pictures too much for example when I edit a picture on VSCO, I never slide to the farthest end of the bar. Probably because the raw image has already produced a great color and tone, so when it comes to editing it will be minor. But I think I have something like a color coding pattern if you really notice my feed. Blue – Random Photo – Blue.

How do you see yourself, a mountaineer or a beach person?

Mountain! (laugh) But since I just got back from Derawan recently and I was hired as a personal photographer back then, I have tons of beach photos. When I am going hiking, I can’t be bothered to take pictures. I spend my time soaking up its beauty. Hence, few mountain shot.

What application do you use to edit your pictures?


Can you tell us a little about one of your memorable travels you photographed? Are all places you’ve been to always as beauty as it’s shown on your feed?

Hmm.. every place is ‘photoable’. Maybe nature is a lot easier to make a good picture especially when you’re really good at it. However, I was experiencing otherwise during my trip in Sumba. The island is very beautiful. What my eyes captured and what my camera snapped is a complete opposite. It is not the weather or anything of any sort that makes the image is not as beauty as it actually is. I tried so hard to convey the beauty through my photographs but I couldn’t. Since I wasn’t able to go any closer to translating its beauty and I really wanted people to see it, so, the closest thing to solve my question is through recording the whole view. I posted it on my feed later on. The contour of the landscape didn’t apparent in the pictures but at least the video managed to do it. You can see on my Instagram.

Can you share any tips for those who are planning to go to Sumba?

To be truthfully, it’s a bit difficult. Sumba is not yet ready to be a travel destination. But if you’re planning to go there at least you go with another three friend because otherwise you won’t be able to go anywhere.

You have to rent a 4WD car. You can rent a scooter but it will only take you to 2 or 3 places and it requires a lot of effort. The existing is in poorly bad condition and it also very expensive to rent a car or scooter. Thank god I had three friends came at that time. It was all unplanned so back when we were in Flores I begged them to come along to Sumba. That’s probably one of the most memorable moments of my travel trip.

Do you have any photography tips you can share with us? How important is a skill in photography?

I don’t consider myself a professional photographer but what I can tell is: the more you shot, the more skillful you’re going to be. You have to get used to taking pictures as many as possible. Whatever capture your eyes, snap them! It’ll eventually help your sense of aesthetics. I think we need to learn the sophisticated skill in photography, but you don’t necessarily need to take a formal lesson or go to photography school. You can learn from your friend who happen to know better photography than yourself. Another tip is to always look for inspiration. It will train your eyes and you will eventually know what kind of style you’re interested truly lay. It’ll then shape your character.

What do you think about the concept of Journesia?

Cool. I like it because it’s segmented and very neat. The Instagram account is already settled. You don’t randomly choose pictures for your feed. I also really like the idea of the Journesia 101. The tips are very useful.

Any Parting words?

Traveling is not merely for collecting beautiful pictures because when you’re busy taking pictures, you’re missing the whole point of traveling itself. As for the mountain hiking, it isn’t about conquering your so-called-universe and a place to dump your trash in. It’s about conquering your ego as a process of shaping yourself and raising our love towards nature. And this kind of love not only about embracing how you feel but it also requires action.


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