Instagram Weekly Guest #011


There are people in this world who used to be not into the idea of spending too much time and money for traveling. However, after experiencing their first trip, they fell in love with traveling. This week we have interviewed a really tallented young instagrammer, Mories Adhtya (@moriesadhtya), who happened to be in love with traveling from his first trip. He has caputred a lot of amazing pictures through his journeys. Here is our interview with him.

How do you find inspiration?

They could be either from my social life and the people I am interacted with or from nature. I always try keeping up with how I perceive this world to harvest lessons from what I see and I am determined to continually learn from them even from things that I may not initially aim to gain, but inspiration comes from all means of life.

What’s the best story you could share related to your photo ‘sessions’?

I was a person who felt slightly opposed to the idea of spending money for traveling like going hiking or traveling for months before returning to your home. I was wondering if they spent their for nothing and wasting their time. I, then, followed my curiosity and went on a trip after a friend asked me to join a trip called #sixteenhighlanders along with other 15 friends. We went to Ranu Kumbolo but only four made it to the summit of Mahameru. There, at the peak of the mountain, I felt remorse about why not doing this earlier and felt guilty that I was wrong about those people who went on traveling. That journey was far better than spending your money buying things which are going to end up in dumpster after all. Meanwhile by traveling I am collecting experiences and stories which I can pass onto my kids and grandkids.

Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

Since I am not a professional photographer myself, I usually put some thoughts before taking pictures about how I want them to be interesting and attractive. Neither do I over-edit my shots during the post editing stage, just adding a little bit of tone. I like to remain the authenticity of my shot.

Any parting words?

Find your true inspiration and be inspiration for others. Don’t satisfy too soon because those who easily satisfied are those who doesn’t posses will to keep learning and be too serious on Instagram. Instagram is just for fun.

You can read this full interview next week on www.journesia.com. He will choose 2 photos to be featured by@journesia at the end of the week. Feel free to check his feed. Guest was picked and interviewed by our moderator @abienugraha


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