Instagram Weekly Guest #004


Another weekend is coming means another weekly guest will say hello to you. This time we kind of looking for someone who is living his photography life as a way of learning, knowing, understanding, and sharing the meaning of life. Please meet Muhammad Jordan (@mjordan_), or you can simply call him Mojo, a 22 years old Palembang-based wedding photographer who focus on landscape and human interest photography.

Mojo said it’s important to you to know how exactly you can get an inspiration for a work, in order to get the best result in your passion. So do him in photography, he simply got a lot of inspirations from people and nature around him. Not just as an object to capture, but also as something that can give you that feeling of the right moment. The right moment when what people do and feel and how the nature look and greet him, that always remind him of his passion

His biggest dream is to have his solo exhibitions and workshops to share his knowledge in photography, because he said the best thing in life is about sharing. He also said don’t be afraid to follow someone’s photography-style, it’s good to have someone as your idol in your passion, so that you can learn a lot from that person, and push yourself hard to reach that point when you finally find your own taste of art.

This week weekly guest is picked, interviewed, and introduced to you by our moderator @natheneysa


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