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This week, we’re happy to interview Jiwangga Putra Diaksa (@masjiwa), a Semarang based architect who also enjoys photography. He is widely known among the peers who enjoy street photography. We’re amazed by his works on his Instagram account so we conduct a little interview to dig more from him about his hobby.

Tell us about yourself, where did you grow up and what do you do?

My name is Jiwangga Putra Diaksa, people call me masjiwa. I work as an architect in Semarang whose hobby is photography. Architecture and photography is very closely related. As a practitioner, architect is required to not only able to design an iconic, attractive building but also to devise it based on its function.

What kind of photography do you do?

I love architectural photography because each building has its own unique side, whether if its color, geometry or its shape. It’s also part of our lives. That’s why I created #architectureinlife so that we can be more aware of our surroundings and

When did you start to derive an interest in photography? What was the first photo you took?

It’s pretty easy actually since what I’ve seen around me is all fascinating. My first photo (with a camera I borrowed from a friend) was taken at 2012 for college-related assignments. I didn’t take any picture after that. And in 2014, when I was staying in Singapore for job training (I finally got my own pocket camera), I felt somewhat jealous for not having a DSLR camera instead. But I believe that to produce an acceptably good shot relies on the man behind the lens.

How did you learn about Instagram? Give us 3 things you’ve learned since you joined Instagram?

I share my creative work through @instagram in which I get wonderful, constructive feedback. What I learned from Instagram was that we can improve and build ourselves through process. Secondly, don’t be afraid to share your work. Lastly, feed your content with something meaningful for others.

How did you find your inspiration?

I get inspiration from people around me; my friends; those whom I follow (on Instagram) because there’s always something I learn from them.

How do you define your photography and what is so interesting about it?

The basic genre of my photography is street photography, we can capture and encapsulate a moment that’s likely wouldn’t take place for the second time.

What does your photos mean to you?

I can share stories through each photo I produce.

You have numbers of valuable followers on Instagram. Does Instagram open you a wider opportunity to channeling your creative work?

Yes it does. Instagram helps me to become a content creator and through it I can develop myself to be more creative than I was before.

Do you think creativity matters and why?

Yes so that we have more value than others.

Can you give us tips for grabbing the perfect shots for Instagram?

Find a story in every place you visit. It can either from the geometry, light and shadow, and symmetry. To capture a moment is the most valuable thing in photography.

I’ve seen on your Instagram some of your shots involving people in the frame and need some creativity work. Do you find it difficult to take a creative picture?

Yes, because we’re not only have to think about a different content for each photo but also we have to be more sensitive and observer deeper so we’re able to translate it into a different output unlike what most people would actually come up with.

What application do you use to edit your photo? Do you always try to maintain your tone on your feed? If yes, why is it important?

I usually utilise Lightoom for post production, or Snapseed and Vsco. It’s not the tone that I need to maintain, but the mood. I fond of chromatic color, so I use chromatic filter on Vsco but each depends on the photo I produce.

Is it important to have technical skill in photography to be globally recognized on Instagram?

No, I myself is not a technical photographer, as a matter of fact I know a little about it. We can all be a content creator as we like, but it all begins with a process.

Do you have any advice to say to starting photographers out there?

Challenge yourself to start. Take pictures with any camera devices you have, handphone, pocket camera, DSLR camera or mirrorless camera. You’ll grow and improve your skill as the time goes by. And most of all, keep learning.

What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

Holding my own photography exhibition.

What do you think about the concept of Journesia?

Journesia offers a great concept. Not only it advertises wonderful places, but it also conveys knowledge about Indonesia which we all can learn from. We can learn from people featured on the Weekly Guest and other inspirational individuals.

Any parting words?

Each photo has soul. Put yours into it when you take it. Don’t do it solely for popularity on Instagram.


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