Majestic Lombok

A 21 years old university student, Ardian Putra Prananto is a brilliant eye behind this wonderdul aerial photography of Lombok.

His fondness in aerial photography began in 2011 when he started using the Flamewheel f550 platform as it was launched in that year by DJI. He’s been flying R/C for 6 years, since he was 15. Dividing and managing time between university and his interest in making video, Ardi started to fly more frequently with his Phantom 2 equipped with H3-3D Gimbal.

His love for Indonesia shown in his wonderful aerial footage is his way to help promoting Indonesia tourism. “Aerial photography is amazing.. amazing vision.. it’s a whole new world up there,” he admits. So he decided to to travel around Indonesia with his photography gear to capture the beauty of our country.

Here’s his first journey in Lombok.

Embrace the beauty!


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