Instagram Weekly Guest #006


Every interview is a new encounter with people all over the world. Discovering them on Instagram and admiring their photography skills are another great experiences we can find. This time we chatted with Instagram photographer Purwo Apriyanto (@lelembut_ganas) who is based from Semarang. Let’s learn more about him!

@lelembut_ganas joined Instagram in September 2009. He really is inspired by the beauty of nature. In the photography world, his interests are landscape and human interest photography. He sometimes takes a picture with Camera Phone, but mostly he uses a DSLR camera and mirrorless. He does some picture editing with Snapseed and VSCOcam. This is our interview with him. Enjoy it!

Do you find yourself over-thinking the photos you post?

I post what I think is in accordance with my feelings at that moment. Taking pictures according to your feelings will make you enjoy what you got even better.

What’s the best story you could share related to your photo ‘sessions’? Do you have a favorite one?

It’s When I was on top of the mountain Prau and explored the entire peak. I love taking pictures of the mountains with human in the middle of them. Truly great nature.

What do you think about the concept of journesia?  And any parting words?

@journesia can introduce us to the various photography style of many instagrammers. Is is so valuable. My message for all instagramer fellow is “Cintai negrimu, kenali negrimu”.

Feel free to check his feed, and say hello to @lelembut_ganas. Follow @LELEMBUT_GANAS to view more of his beautiful gallery. Guest was picked by our moderator @ALFONS_ILMI #journesia



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