Instagram Weekly Guest #023

Krishna Mahaputra

Krishna Mahaputra or more familiar with the name of Krishna, is a Balinese guy behind the Instagram @krishnamahaputra. He is known to be humorous and a beach lover. Currently pursuing his bachelor degree as a 4th semester college student, Krishna is determined to get his degree so he could carry out his dream to travel around Indonesia.

What do you do these days?

I am currently busy with my education at STIKOM Bali, and whenever I have free time, I go out with Instagrammer from outside Bali to explore the island. I also do enjoy photography and lately I’ve been trying to enjoy and practice free diving, because I’ve got heaps of friends who are into this scene. And it looks exciting!

When did you start into photography?

I’ve been drawn to photography for quite a while. But, I only got to shoot with cameras back when I was in high school. I initially started with cameras that I borrowed from friends.

What kind of photography that you do? And why?

I like minimalist landscape and why? Because my inspiration came from mostly foreigners and I simply think that it is more interesting. To make it different, if you will. One of my fave on Instagram is @frostyphoto.

Anything you do to your feed?

I don’t have any special tone, but I am trying to make it in the same ‘mood’. I usually use Vscocam and Snapseed. But recently I am more into Vscofilm and Instagram’s editor tools.

Where is your fave place to hunt in your city?

I usually go to Double Six Beach in Seminyak & Kintamani.

What kind of camera do you use?

iPhone and Dslr Canon 60D wide angle lens

khrisnamahaputra instagram


Those three pictures are rather unique and so neat. What’s with these three shots? What was on your mind when taking these three gazebo shots?

Since I love landscape, I love to snap from different angles and break the composition. Mostly because I rarely see a gazebo in such unique style. I think, I’ve only seen it in Bali. The Balinese signature gazebo.

Any special photography technique or tips and specifically for other 60D users?

For Canon 60D, I often use the AV mode, especially those who enjoy taking ‘moment’ photography, because the aperture is automatically set. AS for those who enjoy palying around with lighting both natural or artificial, I’d suggest Manual mode. Actually, if the place is exceptionally beautiful and I also don’t go there a lot, I’ll use my SLR. But if it’s beaches nearby like Balangan Beach, Blue Point Beach or Padang Padang Beach, I often use my iPhone.

Any memorable photography or travel experience?

So far, the farthest place that I’ve been to was Kenawa Island in eastern Indonesia. As for the West, I’ve been to Jakarta. I haven’t got time to travel to Kalimantan, Sumatra or Sulawesi.I really want to go there but I must finish my study first so that I’d have limited time traveling around.

One of the best moment during my traveling was at Kenawa Island. There were lots of friends coming from different cities, gathered and took part of #WWIM11 Kenawa. There were also Malin and Teru, two @instagram team members who joined the event.

Kenawa is actually an empty island, with few gazebos (mostly broken) and no electricity. So, we camped for about 4 days and didn’t wash ourselves (laugh). However, the weather was fortunately chill and we did a lot of swimming. And yesterday we slept on bare sand while looking at the starry sky and woke up to the bright morning sun.

What’s your next destination?

I was planning to join a trip to Kalimantan with Seno, a friend of mine. The plan was to go to Labuan Cermin, Biduk-Biduk, Kakaban and Derawan Island.

Do you think it’s necessary to lear and have a photography skill?

All you have to possess in photography is the will to learn and to try. And your skill will improve along the way. Character is also necessary. I think the character itself defines the skill of the man behind the lens.

Do you think that the photography, Instagram and your enthusiasm in traveling change you?

Mostly Instagram. It changes me. I made new friends, new experiences, went to new places and I could even get a job from Instagram, to become a buzzer for example, also a free trip. Luck never runs out, I guess.

What do you think about beaches in Bali?

The characteristic of beaches in Bali is that they mostly have big waves, which is perfect for surfers. During low tide, you will see vast coral beds. Sometimes, i used tide chart for landscape photography. Tide chart is a tool for wave forecasts. So, it tells where to go whether you want to chase small wave or big wave. If you’re looking for calm waters, Gunung Paying Beach is the answer.

What do you think about Journesia?

First, i was thinking that Journesia was just another feature account, but it was apparently more awesome than I thought, because it always added first person narration in each photo featured. So, it’s not just grabbing and posting pics from random account on Instagram. So far, journesia is already good and pretty cool.

What is Bali to you and any wish in mind?

Firstly, having born and grown up in Bali, I am proud to be a Balinese. I am hoping that people who love traveling, go to the beach or to the mountain, won’t litter the sites.

If those places are no longer beautiful as it was, we’ll be the ones who suffer the loss. Well, I found it that many people are not aware and responsible of their surroundings. They leave their trashes, and they come again, maybe the next day or in a week or in a month and complain about how dirty the places have become. It’s all on us. Truthfully, I did my part back then which I am not proud of, but as the time goes by, I could say I am better now and a lot more aware and responsible to our nature.


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