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We have so many reasons to be thankful for Instagram, but the main one is for discovering new photographers that share their own story with us through their photos. We interviewed Kadek Arini Stepitula Gayatri (@kadekarini) some week ago and we really liked her point of view throughout her feed. She is the first person we interviewed and we were happy to learn more about this beautiful place through her photography.

Learn more about her and make sure you enjoy her photos one by one!

Q : First of all, Can you give us the basics about you and what kind of photography you do?

I have been known as kadekarini both in instagram and blog. Now i am currently working as interior designer in the Indonesia biggest retail company. Been writing on my personal blog since i was in high school, just because i got so many questions about my traveling journeys, sometimes i got bored to answer, so that i decided to share my experiences on my blog.

I always think i don’t do the photography expertly. I never learn profesionally the basic of photography. But i am the one who really concern about the result of the photo. Some points i emphasize before to take photo are the proportion, and the tone, the rest is only the feeling. Camera has been my closest bestie since i was a kid, so the feeling of capture a photo is always from my heart.

Q : What’s truly worth while doing all your travelling ??

All the new things i experienced. All the different cultures i found, the engagement with the locals, the facts that i never know before, the beautiful nature that sometimes could harm me with its unpredictable season, the challenge of being survive in a place that i never been before. All the journeys are worth to change my different few of life. Travelling is investing..

Q : Do you agree with this “Passion Changes Everything” . and why ?

Yes, while you feel working is suffering, you will not feel the same with the passion on it. You tend to do it passionately, you will not stop to learn just because you love the field. Passion changes everything because, the things that have done wholeheartedly could not be perfectly compared.

Q : if you could make one powerful sentence to inspire others that have same interest like you , what would you say ?

Not everyone get chances to travel and see the world, Experiences are always best shared.

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Thanks so much for the interview Kadek!  and of course, thank you for being part of our community! 🙂 Follow @KADEKARINI to view more of her beautiful gallery. Guest was picked by our moderator @GEMDRA.


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