Instagram Weekly Guest #003


New interview, new excitement to learn more about another Instagram photographer that we are happy to enjoy his feed. This time we have interviewed Adrul Jihan (known as @Jiank38). @Jiank38 is originally from Sumbawa, buthe is currently staying in Yogyakarta , studying Civil Engineering at UMY.

@Jiank38 is not a photographerbut he enjoys taking picture at places he visited. Sometimes he took a picture only from his camera phone, and he thought it was enough. He is definitely one of our favorite guest. You can’t help but notice his interesting Instagram feeds. Need to know more? Start reading!

How do you find your inspiration?

My friends inspired me a lot.Before i know photography, I liked to play with my friendand because my friends started to use instagram, I also use it. Reading magazine and cinema/movie inspired me a lot, too.

When did you join Instagram?

I joined Instagram in the end of 2008 and It was an extraordinary discovery. I immediately loved instagram!

How did you learn about Instagram?

By using Instagram, I have the opportunity to share my pictures with strangers from around the world. Thanks to the likes and followers, I can get an idea for my improvements. It’s something that I love! And from Instagram I also found many travelmates.

What’s your tips for taking a great Instagram photo?

Always snap what you think is good to snap and keep practicing.

And at the end of the interview, He told us a quote: “Travelling as much as you can”. Follow @JIANK38 to view more of his beautiful gallery. Guest was picked by our moderator @LADYPON.


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