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Photos are always unique to me and represent different ideas. Landscapes tend to represent adventure and an invitation into the unknown, whereas portraits allow an imaginative look into the life of an individual

– Jared Lank

Maine is known for its scenery, its jagged, mostly rocky coastline, its low, rolling mountains, its heavily forested interior, and picturesque waterways, as well as for its seafood cuisine, especially lobster and clams. This week @journesia proudly presents you an intrepid young talent from Maine, Jared James Lank.

Live in a popular summer colony and seaside tourist destination of South Portland, Kennebunkport, Jared has been taking numerous wonderful shot of his city. He initially started taking photograph when he was an 8th grader and continuing the evolution of his photography up until now where he chose @jaredlank to be one of the platforms to showcase his works. Currently pursuing his bachelor degree in anthropology, Jared finds cultural diversity of the world and the landscapes of which they exist perplex him. He’s been dreaming of traveling South to Cuzco, Maccu Picchu, and Patagonia and other continents to probably quench his thirst of discovering new places to enrich his minds and palettes. Some say traveling is the best way to find your true self. It’s probably true. It’ll probably help Jared to refining his style in his creative photography work.

Below is our session with Jared, our first non-Indonesian Weekly Guest!

Tell us about yourself, where you grew up and what do you do?

Well first off, my name is Jared Lank and I’m a born and raised Mainer! I’ve spent my entire life living in southern Maine and currently attend the University of Southern Maine as an undergraduate in anthropology/geography major. Having grown up in the state, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the interior and coast and learning to love the vast variances in seasons and weather. I live in Kennebunkport which is a pretty notorious tourist destination in southern Maine. It’s a beautiful place! It has a rich fishing history and is filled with beautiful old port town buildings on stilts and harbors filled with lobster boats. It’s a great place because it’s located between the lowest portion of southern Maine, near the New Hampshire border, and the more urban area of Portland, which could very well be considered Maines most imfamous city!

What kind of photography that you do?

I do all kinds of photography; I find it truly fascinating. If I had to gravitate toward one type I would say landscape, although lately I’ve had an interest in portrait and lifestyle photography!

Since when you’re starting to derive an interest in photography? What was the first photo you took?

I developed an interest in photography at a young age, probably early than ten years old. As for first photo, I’d say the the first time I really attempted to take a photo was with a manual Sears film camera in 8th grade when I found it sitting in the attic with a couple shots left!

How did you learn about Instagram?

I learned about Instagram mostly through friends! (Cliche I know) I had my first Instagram when the app first came out then created a second account a year later!

How did you find your inspiration?

I find inspiration from tons of sources. I love following people on Instagram and seeing how they portray their lifestyle or everyday experiences. I also try to find inspiration from my surroundings; every day I try to find something interesting to photograph, by doing so I really come to appreciate the world I live in and interact with regularly.

What kind of camera do you use?

My Instagram is iPhone 6+ only, but I am in the process of buying a full frame Canon. I also use a 1973 Nikon f2s full manual 35mm camera and it’s my favorite!

How do you define your style of photography?

I’m not really sure at this point! I’m still refining my style, it’s more or less a continuing evolution.

I travel on a micro scale quiet a bit! I commute to school currently, and tend to take mini road trips throughout the state regularly. There are always new opportunities popping up in my life that I can’t say no to, so I usually try to make time to go adventure! I also travel out of state throughout the year if I can, I really would like to road trip across the country when I’m out of school, but it is very much a dream at the moment

What does the photo mean to you?

Photos are always unique to me and represent different ideas. Landscapes tend to represent adventure and an invitation into the unknown, whereas portraits allow an imaginative look into the life of an individual.

Give us 3 things you’ve learned since you joined Instagram?

  • Community is key! Interacting with people with similar interests is vital to creativity and inspiration.
  • The world is amazing! Instagram allows you to observe the world through the eyes of others and appreciate the vastness of the planet.
  • Know your worth! I’ve learned that my potential is limitless through the app and it is fueled by the feedback I receive from friends and fans


You have numbers of valuable followers on your Instagram account @jaredlank. Does it affect you in real life? Does Instagram open you a wider opportunity to channeling your creative work?

I would say that it does impact my life and has changed the way I conduct my daily activities, in a great way! Instagram definitely connects me to an amazing community of creative individuals and it has definitely given me an opportunity to use photography as a creative tool!

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Do you think creativity matters and why?

Creativity is fundamental! Creativity allows you to expand your own horizons and explore your interests in photography or anything else!

Can you give us tips for grabbing the perfect shots?

Find what you like about the subject and try to image the shot you want. After that try to determine the best way to emulate that idea!

During the week I may see something that really peaks my interest and will devise a way to go photograph it that weekend if I could in the moment! I also love to just go out and about to enjoy the experience of scouting, which can more or less be a fun way of exploring your local town in ways you may have never thought of!

Which is more challenging portrait photography or landscape photography? Any memorable story during the photo shoot?

I would say I have a harder time with portraits because people tend to be camera shy. I really enjoy capturing people in public spaces, and to capture the essence of the moment can be hard at first when your pointing a camera at everyone! I’ve found that my anxiety with public shots has lead to fantastic candid street photography and the almost unknown result makes for a great time!

What application do you use to edit your photo? Do you always try to maintain your tone on your feed? If yes, why is it important?

I usually use VSCOcam! It’s by far my favorite app for photo editing. I try to maintain a little style in my photos but id say each photo is unique, and the last thing you want to do is risk throwing away that uniqueness by conforming it to a predetermined style. Curation can be conducted in this of different ways so don’t sweat it!

Is it important to have technical skill in photography to be globally recognized on Instagram?

I don’t think the tool makes the carpenter by any means! You learn the technical side through exploring! Your imagination and creativity fuels your exploration of the art and you will find the means to get the results you want because of it!

Do you have any advice to say to starting photographers out there?

Try to capture everything you want and in different ways! There’s always the go to framing you’re comfortable with, but try to explore new compositions and styles, you won’t be let down!

Do you have any travel itinerary in near future?

Nothing too serious, but in a few weeks my girlfriend and I and a few friends will be staying down in Portsmouth, New Hampshire for the night to go explore the city! I also plan on hiking this summer, so I’ll be making trips up to Rangeley, Maine and Baxter state park! Finally, if all goes well, my girlfriend, roommates and I will be flying out to the west coast of spring break!

Any parting words?

Have fun! Photography allows you to explore the world around you and expand the horizons of your perception, which I find to be very rewarding and fun!


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