Meet The Traveler #005

Jack Morris @doyoutravel

If someone wanted to take a leap to travel indefinitely and starting a new life I would suggest trying a small trip first. After four weeks you’ll probably know if a nomadic life is the life for you.

Jack Morris @doyoutravel journesia meet the traveler


You’ve been traveling a lot based on your Instagram. What motivated you to travel and what was the first overseas trip you took?

I always liked the idea of travelling for a long period but like most people I had commitments at home. Originally I took a six week brake from work four years ago to travel around Thailand. I loved it so much that I quit my job soon after and continued to live a nomadic lifestyle. My first overseas trip was probably somewhere in a Europe with my parents at a very young age. We would take 2 week long holidays over seas every year.

Jack Morris @doyoutravel journesia meet the traveler

Are you more of a spontaneous person or a well-planned person? Are you always traveling alone or with friends?

I’m definitely more spontaneous. The best plan is no plan! I like to travel freely and I feel that a plan doesn’t allow that. I always travel alone but I’m never alone. I often meet/ collaborate with other people on Instagram or cross paths with travelers that I’ve met previously. Not to mention meeting new people whilst traveling is very easy.

The recent heat in Middle Eastern countries with their terrorist activity against modern world, Indonesia as the biggest moslem country in the world is sometimes perceived as dangerous. Should people be worried to travel here?

I think all countries come with dangers. However I’ve always felt safe here and people shouldn’t be worried about travelling around Indonesia.

Is this your first time visiting Indonesia?

Yes this is my first time in here, I will definitely be coming back to see more of this beautiful country!

How do you travel around?

I fly, boat, bus, train. I normally get a motorbike in every place I visit. It’s a great way to explore a big area and cheap too!

Do you think it’s necessary to adapt to local style and customs?

I think everyone who travels should try to adapt and take in other cultures. For me engaging with local people is one of the most interesting things about traveling.

Starting with the assumption (which proven to be true at times) that there is a very concerning knowledge of Indonesia, some people are more familiar with Bali, and now the Gilis are on the radar. How much do you know about the country before you came here? Is there anything changed in your point of view of Indonesia after you came here?

I didn’t know anything about Indonesia before I came here. I had heard about various places but that was all. I decided to go to Bali/ the Gili Islands to travel with 2 friends I met in India. I didn’t really have a point of view of Indonesia before hand but it’s now one of my favorite countries.

How much do you usually bring with you on travels?

I bring one main backpack (check-in bag) with clothing, toiletries, and chargers. I have a separate camera bag which contains all my camera gear and laptop. This is my carry on luggage.

Jack Morris @doyoutravel journesia meet the traveler

What was your most memorable moment during your visit in Indonesia?

The summit of Mount Ijen in East Java at sunrise, it was like being in another world!

Some people may be willing to travel but some are afraid to take the leap or worried about safety issues. What would you say to them?

If you never try you’ll never know. If it’s not something you enjoy then you can get a flight home easily. I’ve never felt in real danger whilst travelling but I suppose people have different fears. If someone wanted to take a leap to travel indefinitely and starting a new life I would suggest trying a small trip first. After four weeks you’ll probably know if a nomadic life is the life for you.

Jack Morris @doyoutravel journesia meet the traveler Jack Morris @doyoutravel journesia meet the traveler

Some say traveling helps a person discovering himself. What have you learned from traveling about yourself and what do you think you will learn?

I agree completely. If you’re continuously moving, seeing new things, meeting new people, facing new challenges etc, you’ll be learning new things about yourself on a daily basis. I would say I’ve become much more patient, open minded, creative, and a better person in general since traveling.

What do you think about Journesia? Any parting words for our reader?

I think it’s a great platform for people planning a trip here to get some ideas/motivation! Keep up the great work, you guys are awesome!


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