How to Add Gallery to Your Story


by : journesia

On August 30th, 2014

How to Add Gallery to Your Story

This is tutorial to insert multiple images as a gallery onto your story. Readers can click on any image to launch a full-size carousel that allows them to scroll through the entire gallery one image at a time. With the slideshow option, images will automatically move from one to the next after a few seconds.

Add Gallery

A gallery can go anywhere. Start by placing your cursor where you want the gallery to appear.

Once you’ve placed your cursor where you want your image gallery to appear, click on the Add Media button (located right above the editing window) to launch the media uploader interface. In the resulting popup window, select the ‘Create a Gallery‘ option from the list of actions on the left.

Upload the images you want to use from your computer by dragging them into the upload area. You can add more than one image, and they will be automatically grouped together as an image gallery.

As you upload and/or select images, you will see your selection confirmed on the Insert Media screen by check boxes at the top corner of each thumbnail. Also, a row of thumbnails appears at the bottom of the window to help you keep track of all the images you’ve selected. When you are happy with your selection, click the Create a new gallery button.

On the Edit Gallery page, you can do the following things before inserting the gallery you have created into your page or post:

  • Rearrange your images: Drag and Drop image thumbnails to rearrange the order of images in your gallery.
  • Reverse Order: Reverses the order of the images in your gallery.
  • Add image descriptions: Add descriptions to your images (optional) which appear as image captions below each thumbnail in the gallery.
  • Add image descriptions

Click “Insert Gallery” button on the bottom left to insert your gallery

Your gallery  will looks similar to this :


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