What is Journesia?

Journesia is a new place on the Internet where people share their amazing travel experience in Indonesia to the world. We believe that your travel story should be displayed as epic as possible. So everyone who read it will be inspired by your story. We want you to inspire others to explore the awesomeness of Indonesia. here, you can also connect with other travellers/travel blogger and appreciate each other.

Who can register?

Everyone. You don’t have to be Indonesian citizen to be a part of journesia. Whether it is a long trip journey, a family vacation or a weekend getaway, as long as you do it in Indonesia. You can share your experience here. Because you need a website that can represent your epic travel story and photography of Indonesia by using beautiful blog design in order to inspire people.

Why I should join?

if you tired to make your blog/website beautiful, if you don’t know where and how to share your epic travel story or travel photography, if you want to inspire people to come to visit Indonesia, then this website is for you.

Should i pay for joining this site?

No. why we have to charge to people who want to do good for Indonesia?

Who owns the copyright?

You are. The author and the copyright will be included in each story and image that you share in Journesia. And that’s you. Image protection is also enabled to prevent image stealing. so it will be save for basic image stealing method.

When i create story, does my story will publish immediately?

No. You want quality content, doesn’t you? your story will be in pending status waiting for our team review to be Published. We do not want illegal and inappropriate content to be displayed here. If your story doesn’t published in 2×24 hours you can contact us. But we will contact you first if your story doesn’t qualified enough to be published here.

What language do we use?

Currently our website is on English, but your story can be written in any language. You can write your story in Bahasa Indonesia off course. We’ll planning to add multilingual feature in the future.

Do you have any expected writing style?

Exciting, engaging, inspirational and unique stories excite us. We’re not looking for you to Wiki the best beach to surf in Bali and summarize it. We want you to write about your experiences, about what you see, what you hear, and how you feel. We want you to write story from your own perspective, about story of a person, place or thing that inspires others.

Can I ask you something else?

Of course! We’d be happy to help. Just email us at hello@journesia.com