Instagram Weekly Guest #005


It’s always great to collaborate with an amazing Instagram photographer. We have met many talented ones. We are always happy to meet people that share the similar passion with us, andalso willing to help us take a step forward. Destiar Ahadirian Maghfirah is one of them and we’re happy to have an interview from him. His love about photography and Lombok Island.

For now, let us introduce you to Destiar. This is our interview with him.

He has known Instagram since 2012, but he just used it for fun. Since 2013, he’s always had a dream to travel around Lombok Island to document all his trips. “So the main intention is to collect photos from my trip and to show how beautiful Lombok Island is through Instagram.”

What does photography mean to you?

It makes me very happy because I enjoy it so much. I always feel like I am getting paid to have fun, which is great. The last few years have been amazing, and photography has changed my life for sure in many ways.

What is it about Lombok Island that fascinates you the most?

“The fact that it is always beautiful, like a hidden paradise—even when you go on the streets –is always something to enjoy.”

Is there an Instagram photography tips that you would like to share with us?

I think everyone is free to post what they want and what makes them happy. Just photograph what you like and what makes you happy. Do not try to please followers because they clearly have various interests and you will not be able to represent them all in a blink of an eye. Do it for fun for no reason. It may takes time to find your style.However, if you keep beinghonest to yourself,you will end up with the results that make you feel happy. Instagram is just for fun!

How do you find inspirations?

Instagram is a unique way to express myself. I find inspiration in everything, but mostly from my Instagram mate. inspiration comes and goes but we have to be able to create one even when you are not inspired. Look around, look closely, you will find something interesting in pretty much everything. Be open-minded.

Thank you very much for your time Destiar, and of course, thank you for being part of our community! 🙂 Follow @DESTIARIIAN to view more of his beautiful gallery. Guest was picked by our moderator @REYMAULANA.


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