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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

– Mahatma Gandhi

I Made Wikrama Yudha or as his friends refer him to as Gole (@degole), is a Bali based Instagramer who spends most of his time by actually doing what we all dream to do which is having fun. Taking pictures is his way of having fun alongside with his other Bali based Instagramers. Unlike many other photographers from Bali, his gallery is rather unique. He enjoys to be in high altitude, which makes mountains his avid object to photograph. Blatant as it is, Gole fills up his feed by portraying the other side of the islands of Gods of Bali.

What kind of photography do you do?
I fell in love with photography since I initially joined Instagram. I mostly cover nature photography because I grew up not far from nature. What makes my photography is different with others is probably the personal touch on editing which are very varied between one person to another.

Since when you joined Instagram?
Since the beginning of 2013

It is no longer a secret that Bali is globally renowned for its world-acclaimed wonderful beaches. Do you also enjoy to spending time on the beach?
To be honestly, I am more into mountains. especially hiking on hills with a group of friends to snap pictures. It probably seems contradictive to what people imagine on the beauty face of Bali, its beaches moreoverly. I guess this has something to do with where I grew up and live in which is surrounded by endless striking hills.

Interesting! Prior to hiking, do you equip yourself with any specific training?
It doesn’t necessarily need any specific training before hiking, but I believe that there are sort of these preparatory standards that you need to comply and perform prior the activity. For example, you have to do preparatory warm ups which aims to prep your body muscles and use and bring proper gear for the comfort of your body to guarantee your safety. I learn all of these guidelines from friends who do a lot of mountain trekking and hiking.

Is there any memorable stories during your photo hunting quest? Where?
There is one interesting experience when I was shooting at the hillside area of Seraya in eastern Bali. The trail is difficult that I have to get off the bike and drag and push it to the parking area at the foot of the hill. Done with all the grueling “motor excercise” we still need to hike for another 30 minutes from the trailhead. The difficulty doesn’t solely remain in dragging the motorbike, but also the half of the quest to the top. The trail is on a very steep slope which requires specific body movements to pace and footing. Once we’re there, all the hard effort has just been paid off. It was all worth it.

Your Instagram feed has a uniform theme and tone that makes your gallery interesting. What editor application do you use?
Thank you. I am using Snapseed, Vsco and filter from Instagram which I think is pretty cool now.

Mobile Camera atau Camera?
Mobile Camera. Mostly Iphone.

How do you think you find your inspiration or any inspiring user?
@ravivora @chrisburkard @ernandaputra @brahmino @brandenharvey @debucung Who else? I just forgot names (laugh) There are more though.

Can you give us tips of your photography technique?
I don’t think I have many techiniques utilised. However, I have to be really patient to seize the moment in order to shoot the object. Be patient, deft and dexterous.

Which hashtag do you use the most?
#VSCOcam #instagood #igersBali #journesia #liburanbali

What goal (Instagram related) that you set to achieve this year?
I want to explore outside Bali and travel around Indonesia. I want to meet Instagramers whom I’ve been virtually talking and corresponding via Instagram.

What do you think about the concept of Journesia?
Very conceptual and creative. The selection photos featured on Journesia are very cool and informative .
The concept of Weekly Guest like in particular. I’m happy to be a part of Journesia’s Weekly Guest this time . Thank you.

Any message for our readers?
OK, for those of you who enjoys taking pictures in nature, it is important to remember not to leave trash carelessly. Keep learning, expand your knowledge and gain more friends. We can gain a lot of things through Instagram. It connects lots of people. Bravo Indonesian Instagramers!


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