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“Traveling teaches me a lot of things, not only it is a good therapy for oneself but also helping me in shaping my character to a better version of me. By sharing my journey on Instagram, I am truly hoping people would be able to see that traveling isn’t a mere business of fun but there’s another side of it which if not exlusively for me is the process of finding yourself and your purpose in life respectively. One more thing, there’s no harm in perceiving Instagram as a positive platform for creative works and a process of learning.” – @dailyaima

Aima Farhana, the owner of Instagram account @dailyaima, a travel photographer and IPB Agribusiness graduate, starting her Instagram feed by posting black and white poetic photographs. She found her way to become a travel photographer and managed to overcome her prior fear in traveling. Journesia gets the honor to interview her. Below is our session with @dailyaima.

Tell us about yourself and what kind of photography do you do?

I decided to work in photography field around 2 years a go. I wasn’t initally working as a photographer for that matter but working in management division for one of the camera brand company in Indonesia. For the past year, I’ve been contributing for an in-flight magazine for Citilink Airways which primarily if not solely focuses in travel photography.

How did you get to work for this particular camera company? Do you have a basic knowlegde of photography by enrolling to photography school or such?

I went to IPB majoring Agriculture Business, worked for a service phone provider for 5 years and later on decided to leave after being offered an opportunity to sit as a management employee in that camera brand company. I started to learn rather more sophisticated and technical skill in photography from that day on. I had also once taught youngschoolers in photography exctracurricular activities. One year passed by and now I’m a regular contributor for Citilink in-flight magazine.

Do you think it’s necessary to have technical skills in photography?

I believe so. Even so, it’s not exclusively saying that people who don’t or have never taken photography lesson could never produce wonderful photographs because they do. But when you are armed with that skills, it’s not only enabling you to produce great snaps but also you could possibly make almost any kind of photograph given the skill itself.

When did you join Instagram? And what kind of pictures do you have?

My IG account @dailyaima is actually aired in less than 1 year. Last year, my feed was showcasing daily essentials and then I started to insert photos from my traveling. That’s when this is all started. I gained more followers and some of them are people who are already famous on Instagram with their huge numbers of followers.

How do you find your inspiration?

There’s only one rule for me which is I only take pictures of something that I genuinely like. I don’t carry burdens whatsoever on whether or not people may like my pictures, or if I am going to earn lots of likes. Basically, I’d love to have pictures that tell a story or able to engage people to the situation I was in those pictures posted on my feed. To emotionally engage them, if possible.

How far do you think Instagram have changed your life?

It changes me towards positive direction. I get to know more and more people every day and get to see serious numbers of undoubtedly inspiring photography which helps me to learn more about how to make a great shot. It brings me friends and more new friends and also jobs.

What kind of device do you use to take pictures? And what apps do you use to edit them?

I was committed to become an iPhone only photographer for my Instagram feed but as I was chosen as Instagram Suggested User for the first time, Huawei gave me their new smartphone as an endorsement. So, it has been all mixed up every now and then. During my Flores trip last month, I did use DSLR camera. As for post production process, I don’t really edit my pictures and in fact I am probably somewhat blind in that area. So, I always measure the intensity of the sun, metering, exposure, and so on. Even when I am using iPhone. But when I do, I usually do a minor edit such as adjusting highlight or shadow. I also only use filter from Instagram if I want to give it a little bit of tone.

Do your pictures have always had stories?

I think they do, at least bunch of them. If you notice, you’ll see heaps of beach snap. Truth is I actually kind of developing phobia over water especially when it’s in humongous mass of water (pond, river, ocean). So, traveling for me is sort of a healing of my fear. During my trip in Lombok I encouraged myself to go to Gili for the first time and I passed out! You won’t believe it but it’s true. When we returned to mainland and board on a boat (again) I think I had overcome my fear, not entirely but I managed not to pass out (again). I could stare at the ocean for hours and sit still.


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