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This week we are chatting with Asoka Remadja Sungkharisma (@asokaremadja), an interesting photographer that now lives in Tangerang and uses his photography passion to capture anything that grabs his attention. As you can see, his landscape photos are vivid, stunning and colorful. Let’s learn more about him!

Asoka Remadja Sungkharisma ( @asokaremadja) have plenty nicknames. His friends and family call him Oka, Oksa, Sok, Ka, and many more :D. He lives in Tangerang Selatan and this year he will be 28 years old.

Can you give us the basic about you and what kind of photography you do?

Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Asoka Remadja Sungkharisma, and I am from Indonesia. I am a guy with a big smile and laugh, and have a lot of passions : Travel, Food, Healthy Stuff, Social Media and Good Deeds.

Soon I will combine all my passions into one and create a cool project. You all have to wait and see for it. *I’m so excited+ wish me luck*

I do not consider myself as photographer, but rather an amateur photographers. However, for sure I create some amazing photographs (don’t you agree with me?) hehe.

I take pictures mostly for fun and share the beauty of places I have visited—especially Indonesia—to the rest of the world.

What I care about is the result of the photo itself, the composition, the color, and the object.

How do you find inspiration?

I always find inspiration in Nature, Website or Social Media, and People

Nature: it will always be my biggest inspiration, just walk in the nature, lost track of time, watch cloud, misty fog, mountain, wave, sea, hear all the sound of the animal, sound of wind blowing, just observe and the inspiration will come along with it.

Web: I have followed so many people on Instagram that inspired me a lot. And in my computer, there’s a lot of bookmarks of websites that give me brand new ideas.

People: yep, sharing stories & ideas with friends, family, and strangers is always the best way to have new ideas or inspiration.

When did you join Instagram?

I joined Instagram a long time ago, but i don’t remember the exact time. the first picture i’ve taken hmmmm I forgot. Haha

Do you shoot with your iPhone for all of the pictures you post on your instagram account? If yes, is it important that your feed remain iPhone only? If no, what else do you shoot with?

Mostly I shoot my picture using iphone and gopro hero 3+ black edition, they are the best. They are simple, user friendly, not heavy, and create an amazing result.

Which software/apps do you use to edit your pictures?

The apps that i use is snapseed, I rarely change the tone/colors of my pictures, I just add brightness and contrast and voilà, there you go.

Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

Just capture! make sure the composition is good, share it, don’t think to much, follow your heart and forget about everything else.

What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

My biggest dream that is related to photography is I want to have a picture of me with GoPro around Indonesia and around the World. that’s it.

What do you do for a living? How does it relate to instagram (if at all) and if it doesn’t relate, how do you balance both?

Lucky me, im running my own company and it’s not related at all to Instagram.

How I balance both, it’s easy, when you work, focus on it – don’t let anything distract you. After that it’s time for you to play and enjoy, simple right?

Do you have places that you like to continuously go back and shoot?

No, I dont have particular special place to shoot, but for sure I want to visit Flores and East Borneo to shoot. I think I never get tired of those places, their breathe-taking scenery are amazingly beautiful.

You seem to enjoy shooting several different types of landscape photography? Do you have a favorite one?

My favorite one, so far

for the scenery and experience : Flores – East Nusa Tenggara

for the culture : Tana Toraja – South Sulawesi

Which hashtag do you use more on Instagram?

I rarely use hastag, only once in a while but perhaps in the future, i’ll start using #journesia 😀

what do you think about the concept of journesia? 

I think it’s a good platform for me & for us the traveler. We can share anything about our epic journey & interesting experience around Indonesia. I believe this platform can inspire all the user to see the beauty of Indonesia (local or tourist). So, bravo to Journesia – Keep on rocking!

Any parting words?

i hate to say goodbye, but

for all the readers : life is full of adventures. Don’t be afraid to explore the world because what you will discover will be wonderful.

for Journesia : thank you for this opportunity and i wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors, you will be great!


Feel free to check his feed, and say hello to @asokaremadja. Follow @ASOKAREAMADJA to view more of his beautiful gallery. Guest was picked by our moderator @zulfikarramadhan #journesia



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