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With over 12K follower, an impressive feed and even more impressive friendly attitude, this week @journesia interviewed an instagramer from Yogyakarta, Rendika Ferri Kurniawan (@asmaralaya). He is one of the many Instagram users that is passionate about photography and we were very excited to learn more about his point of view, the way he sees photography, his photo journeys, and of course, about the way he combines poetry with photography for a very interesting concept. We are really happy to have him as part of our Instagram community, so we hope you enjoy this interview of another great Instagram photographer you should check out!

Q : Can you give us the basic about you and what kind of photography you do?

I am part time writer-photographer, full time dreamer. I do like traveling, and taking pictures places i visited. What photograhy i like is everything that attached to human and their life. Not only portraits of them, but also their living, their home, their emotions. Every pictures with human in it has souls.

Q : How do you find inspiration?

By traveling to somewhere we have not traveled yet; meeting the people; eating their foods; and feeling the traditions. Those are my inspiration.

Q : When did you join Instagram? When was the first picture you’ve ever taken?

Dunno, maybe almost a year ago. Dunno, maybe like a year ago. Just random snap from my camera phone.

Q : How did you learn about Instagram?

In instagram you don’t learn, it’s easy. You only have to travel somewhere and meet the people and make a lot of friends from it.

Q : Why did you pick the name @asmaralaya?

I think @asmaralaya is a cute name. I like historic stuffs, the name comes from sanskrit. It means “World of love”.

Q : Which software/apps do you use to edit your pictures?

Mostly, lightroom. To add filter, brightness or contrast.

Q : You now have more than 10K followers. Do you find yourself over-thinking the photos you post?

Yes. I mean people followed us cause our feed is unique. So keep it that way.

Q : Is there an Instagram photography tip that you would like to share with us?

The tip is Just snap what you think it’s good to snap. Make your own style. Just mind the composition, POI, and the lights. That will make good photos.

Q : What’s your biggest dream relevant to photography?

Publishing photography books. Making exhibition of my photo works. Meet more people. Making more friends.

Q : Any parting words?

“Pardon me if you don’t like my photos. I take photograph to feed my soul, not to impress people.”

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Thank you very much for your time and of course, thank you for being part of our community! 🙂 Follow @ASMARALAYA to view more of his beautiful gallery. Guest was picked by our moderator @ANGGARIEZKY.


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