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Photography is a media to tell stories, to express myself. I do also love to draw and paint but taking pictures allows me to say something in a short period of time, almost instantly, and nowadays thanks to the phone camera we can do it anywhere.

Tell us about yourself, where did you grow up and what do you do?

Hi there! My name is Anna Devís Benet and I’m from Spain, or more precisely, from a tiny village close to Valencia. That means I live just 5 minutes far from the Mediterranean in a place that everyone knows each other. I am a recent graduate in architecture and a new student of Design and Illustration. I like to do all kind of creative stuff, that makes me happy!

What kind of photography do you do?

I like to take pictures to share stories, to connect with people. For that reason, I try to shoot scenes in which appear the right amount of objects, focusing on what I want to show to whom ‘read’ the image. Most of the time, the goal is to make people smile, so I will describe it as joyful photography – if that makes any sense –

Since when you’re starting to derive an interest in photography? What was the first photo you took?

I’ve always loved to capture images so it is quite difficult to remember the exact first picture I took. When I was a little girl I never went to a trip without a disposable camera so, it could have been anything!

How did you learn about Instagram?

I knew about the app thanks to my other half, better known as @drcuerda. At that time he used to post his own 365 project on an old account and I liked the idea to capture and share pieces of my life too. That’s how innocently started everything.

How did you find your inspiration?

Inspiration can be found anywhere. I do believe that finding it or not depends a lot on your state of mind and what you are doing at that right moment. In my case, things that make me happy, daily situations, funny stories and puns are the topics that inspire me the most. Somehow, I guess what I create is a reflex of my personality.

What kind of camera do you use?

To take my pictures on Instagram I always use my phone, an iPhone 5. But I also love to take pictures with my Canon, it is a 450 D and it is a little bit old because it has lived many adventures but, time to time.

How do you define your style of photography?

Regarding the style, I would say it is a minimal photography. Well, that’s how people describe it when they talk about it but I’ve realized that usually the word, or the pictures related to that concept, forget to show a story behind. So, let’s better say it is a “clean” style.

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Give us 3 things you’ve learned since you join Instagram?

These past year I’ve learnt a lot of valuable things thanks to Instagram. One of the first things you realize when you join the app is that the world is smaller than it seems. You can “travel” through pictures and see how is life in the remotest corners of the world. No matter how far that place is, there will be an instagrammer. Another important thing I’ve learnt is the sense of community. I had the pleasure of meeting people I’ve been following for long and share experiences with them. It allows you to have friends in places you could ever imagine. And the last one is to learn to find beauty in the ordinary things. I love to be inspired by other people that make you see things through different eyes because this makes you walk with your eyes wide open!

You have numbers of valuable followers on Instagram. Does it affect you in real life? Does Instagram open you a wider opportunity to channeling your creative work?

Sharing my work and reaching more people makes me being more self-demanding when taking pictures and has allowed me to travel and team up with some brands. It is like a new challenge everytime and I really enjoy working around a concept using my own imaginary. It makes me think out of the box.

Creativity makes the difference in every single area. Not only photography but daily life objects, even the perception of a dish changes, making it more appealing or less. In my opinion creativity is necessary and makes things more attractive!



Can you give us tips for grabbing the perfect shots?

There is no recipe for that. You should take pictures and feel comfortable with your work. I like to look for the vertical and horizontal lines, the balance of objects… You must teach the eye but sometimes you just need to be at the right place at the right time

Your images on Instagram are fun, unique with subtle color palette and playful at times. Do you always think through or concept your shots?

I believe it is important to think beforehand and focus on what you want to tell. If you are on holiday in another country it has to be something quick, you don’t need a big story, but it is useful to plan what you want to frame and why.

What application do you use to edit your photo? Do you always try to maintain your tone on your feed? If yes, why is it important?

I always use the same workflow: Snapseed, VSCOcam and a few last retouches with the Instagram app. It is true that every picture is unique and needs to be edited differently but I understand the gallery as one work so when I edit an image, I try to see how it will look surrounded by the others, trying to be harmonious.

Is it important to have technical skill in photography to be globally recognized on Instagram?

Instagram is created to be used by everybody, not just photographers. That means that not everybody has a reflex or a huge knowledge about aperture, ISO or shutter speed. To be recognized by your work you have to have your own style, connect with people and be yourself.

Do you have any advice to say to starting photographers out there?

As I’ve said before, be yourselves. You have your own story to tell and that’s what makes you unique and different, your lives. And of course, be curious, like kids!

Any parting words?

Terima Kasih to Journesia for letting me be part of this, I am so glad! And to Kamazka for being that patient. Hope you’ve enjoyed and I’ve helped you with my own experience!


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