About Us

Journesia is community-focused blogging platform designed for travelers, travel bloggers, and travel photographers to share and discover epic travel stories in Indonesia. We considered ourselves as a better place to discover, read, and share Indonesia travel inspiration.

Journesia presence is expected to inspire the world to explore the beauty of Indonesia through travel stories and photos submitted by the members.

Journesia presence also expected to be a catalyst for local economic development through tourism in Indonesia.


Meet Our Team

The people behind Journesia

Ade Chrisnadhi

Ade Chrisnadhi

Co-Founder & CEO

A 29-year-old web designer who love to travel and have desire to live a life that is useful for others

Angga Rieskiyanto

Angga Rieskiyanto

Co-Founder & CMO

A media officer who working in several media project including campaign, design graphic, media social analysist

Ilham Kamazka Btara

Ilham Kamazka Btara

Co-Founder & Editor-in-chief

A free spirit who loves wandering and letting himself lost in nature

Dhimas Robbi

Dhimas Robbi

Co-Founder & CTO

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Gema Drakel

Gema Drakel

Public Relation

A 23-year-old Engineer who love to travel and currently working to make the most Spectacular Life, he could be your next best friend

Visi Anjani

Visi Anjani

Community Manager

Traveler who love to have a chit-chat while enjoy a cup of coffee.

Restiana Assyifah

Restiana Assyifah


22, an Intl'relations B.A who loves outdoor and books


We believe travelling is one of many solutions to our country’s problem. Travelling will bring us new experiences and knowledge, some unthinkable before. Travelling allows us to realize the existence of our unfortunate brothers, our little friends who aren’t properly educated. Travelling makes us grateful for what we have, and be more caring individuals, and then deciding how should we act accordingly.

We believe, by visiting a place, we can learn a lot about the local culture, its superiority, its inferiority, and its uniqueness. We also believe those who we visited can also learn from us, ensures the interchange of knowledge and culture. Travelling gives us the chance to share dreams, goals, optimism, and positivity that they might never had before.

We believe, as more people visit a place, more positive effects will be shared with the local residents. Adding sources of income, advancing economy forward, and prosper them. Raising awareness on the importance of education for parents, and on the importance of conserving natural resources and environment.

We believe, a fine trip story and breathtaking pictures will inspire many others to travel and visit places. And we can contribute by sharing our inspiring stories and photos of our trip.

And we, can become a part of this wonderful change. We can become a part of the realization of social-welfare for every Indonesia citizens.

We CAN live a life benefiting others!


Questions & Answer

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the meaning of "Journesia"?

Journesia derived from the word "Journey" and "Indonesia". Our mission is to inspire the world to come and explore Indonesia. Not only to see its beauty but also to inspire and share with those in need.

When Journesia was founded?

Journesia ideas and concepts has been around since 2012, but we just started operating since late 2014.

What is Journesia long-term goal?

We want to give contribution to local economy and environment through tourism sector in Indonesia. In the next 5 years, we want to be the main reference for traveling in Indonesia and the biggest travelers community in Indonesia.

How does Journesia support itself?

Journesia is currently self-funded by its co-founders. We have felt comfortable supporting Journesia ourselves for now. However, it is our long-term aim to grow Journesia into a sustainable organisation and community whose primary aim is to re-invest in its community to directly fund and support talented travelers and travel bloggers to tell impact-driven stories.

Why the tagline is "explore - share - inspire"?

Because we want you to explore Indonesia, share your experience with the world, and inspire them to visit Indonesia and support those people and places that need our help.

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