Meet The Traveler #008

Abex @anak_bebek

Every trip is an opportunity to discover a whole new place. It’s your imagination that urges to travel to unseen places and discover a different culture, a new landscape and an exciting destination. We were happy to be able to talk with her, @anak_bebek, or else Abex from Jakarta. Time to learn more about her.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? What do you do?

I’m a woman who loves nature, adventure, trekking, diving, cooking.

Can you share with us the story about how you initially getting into the traveling scene?

My dad already took me to Mount Gede when I was 7. I just fell in love with nature, instantly. I do fall in love with nature, like a lot. Long story short, I then joined Nature Lover Club and from that point on, I just I became more convinced that it is what I wanted to be.

Why did you call yourself “Anak Bebek”? Why “The Clumsy Duck”?

Well, I love duck so much that it’s more like a friend. I think I talk a lot like a quacking duck, even my walk reminds me of duck. I’m pretty clumsy. My hair doesn’t stay at the same place, always spills things off, messy, i do love myself like this and I love to be me”.

abex anak_bebek Alfira Naftaly (13)

You are known as a “mountaineer,” is that true?

To be honestly, I didn’t how this nickname started, but, yes, people are calling me “anak gunung” (mountaineer in Indonesian). And I do love nature like the beach, ocean and others. However, I am more into the mountains.

In your 7 years career as a secretary and decided to resign and get out of your comfort zone and become a full traveler. Can you tell us why?

Because life is too boring if spent in one place. I am trying to live and do something that comes from my passion and hobby which is traveling. To get out of my comfort zone, get out of monotonous “8 to 5 Monday to Friday” routine. I then work for myself so I’d have flexible time for traveling.

Can you share with us the most memorable trip you’ve ever been to?
Every single of them is special. However, my journey in Nepal will always be my great story ever.

Looking at the posting on your blog and your Instagram’s captions, you seem to be very concerned about cleanliness and safety during traveling. Can you explain more to us?

Yes of course. I think there is only a handful of people who are really concern about environment, most of them are more concern about gaining fame and more fans. They then forget that ‘traveling is about share each other,’ also forget about the fact that traveling is aimed to share your experience and education with other people. Furthermore, there are many Instagram accounts with tens of thousands of followers that do not filter what they post. As a result, it makes them only focus on getting ‘cool’ pictures, neglecting their surroundings, their own safety.

What’s even more heartbreaking is the death rate in the mountains. The rate in 2014-2015 has increased drastically where 25 mountain climbers found dead, 2 found unidentified, and 1 found in skeleton (based on SAR Indonesia 2015 data). All of which caused by lack of preparation. Many people underestimate safety, and more focus on comfort.

As for cleanliness. Indonesia nature is breathtaking, but many people do not concern about its cleanliness. They littering around recklessly. And I am sure 10 years from now, if we still are in this mindset, our nature will surely be destroyed.

If you are given a chance to travel to a place you’ve been to, where would you go and why?

If I get to choose, I want to come back to Nepal, again and again. There are many places that I hadn’t had a chance to visit while I was there. But if it’s in Indonesia. I want to come back to West Lesser Sunda Islands. Not only it is a beautiful place but there are lots of interesting things there. It may sound cliché, but I think Lombok is very beautiful, from its mountain to its beaches, and pretty much everything.

Is there any particular place that you’re dying to visit?

Yes! Machu Picchu (laugh) and all national parks in Indonesia.

Are you more of a spontaneous person or a well-planned person?

I am a pretty perfectionist person. I don’t want to waste time during my trip by changing plans due to lack of preparations especially during mountain climbing. I’d never go hiking if not well prepared because when you’re out there, your life is on the line. Poor preps could lead your life to imminent danger, so I always plan everything prior to the itinerary.

In one of your interviews, you said “fear is choice”, can you explain us further?

Yes. Fear is choice. People can choose whether or not to fear over something. People usually experience fear when they see risk. Risks, on the other hand, are inevitable. It depends on how we overcome our fear and prepare ourselves to all risks that we may face.

We heard you also had a ‘NDE’ (Near Death Experience) when mountain climbing? How did it happen?

It’s a very long story. It took place in Mount Slamet. I went there with 18 other climbers. After we made it to the peak, we were all ready to climb down. Since it was an arduous hike and we all got really tired, some of us descended first, while the remaining 8 were left behind in which I was in the eight. The rain was pouring down so furiously, a friend who brought my stuff already was far ahead of me. I had my tent and rain coat with him.

Mount Slamet is known as precipitous and the rain made the track slippery where I fell because my feet got stumbled upon a tree root. I got feet injury. Some of my friends decided to go first to seek for help from the SAR team while the remaining built an emergency campsite for me to rest. After few hours, the SAR team came. My body drop drastically and so did my body temperature. But thank God I can go home safe and sound.

Do you prefer to travel alone or with mates?

I LOVE MY TRAVELMATE!! I actually made some sort of an agreement with my parents that I will not travel alone. So until now, I do travel with partner. And I did more with @billydjokosetio, my travel mate.

What is your criteria for an ideal travel mate?

Like Billy Djokosetio (laugh). My ideal travelmates are those who are not only waiting for you at the peak of a mountain, but also willing to walk side by side along the way. Going through all the obstacles together, the good and the bad, together! It’s not only for photo purposes. Most importantly, those who are willing to share.

What do you consider as the most valuable experience you’ve had during traveling?

Traveling, for me, is all about finding your own self, and YES you will eventually see who you are when you are traveling. It’s mostly lesson of life. Not merely about new destinations or your first experience hitchhiking in a lorry or sleep in local people houses. It’s about who we are in the middle of it.

Is there anyone who inspires you in traveling world?

I am a big fan of Alexander Thian or Amrazing. I don’t usually idolize people, but for me, Alexander Thian is so cool. His experience from traveling is abundant and he’s care to share what he learned from all his experiences.

As a female traveler, is there any tips that you can share with other female travelers out there?

Tips for female traveler? Hmmm.. don’t go hiking if invited by someone less experienced. Also always make sure you have prepared everything before you set off.
For general message, I’d say “Traveling doesn’t have to be expensive and it shouldn’t put you into some sort of monetary situations by forcing yourself doing it when you actually can’t.

3 most favorite traveling related quotes?

  • Life is a journey. Do travel for life by @aksa7art
  • Take Vacation, go to as many places as you can. You can always make money, but You CAN’T always make a memory – Unknown
  • A Journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles – Tim Cahill

What do you think about Journesia?

When I first joined Instagram, I already followed Journesia. A photo gallery that offers Indonesia rich heritage. I also like the inspiring caption that is beautifully wrapped in English. Keep it up, and always be yourself!

Do you have any message for your follower and Journesians?

“Indonesia is outstandingly beautiful! Don’t waste your time at the office, 711 or in your room. Go outside and head somewhere. It’s not about the destination, it’s the process to get there. Enjoy every bit of it and you will eventually find yourself.


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